BREAKING: Boko Haram Captures 243 Army Battalion, Monguno [Damning Documents Expose FGN]

  • Secret Intelligence documents from 3 days ago NewsRescue obtained expose Army was aware of impending attack but did not warn citizens or act to ambush terrorists and was rather engaged protecting president’s rally
  • 5th Brigade Nigerian army falls to Boko Haram forces
  • Monguno falls as soldiers flee to capital


Boko Haram terrorists have unleashed terror on Monguno Local Government and have successfully over run the 243 Army Battalion in Monguno, the only Barrack left standing on its feet in the entire Northern Part of Borno State.

As we reported last night, the intelligence on Boko Haram’s mission to Monguno and Maiduguri has been known in intelligence since several days ago.

Aerial support was requested yesterday when the movement of dozens of terrorist vehicles was noticed proceeding from Sambisa, but our sources complained the army and air force was busy protecting president Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election rally in Borno and was not scrambled to ambush and bombard the approaching terrorists. The citizenry were also not warned ahead of the attacks to take precautionary measures.

View Intelligence Documents Available Three Days Ago




Intelligence reports stated that the new equipment hoisted on Boko Haram trucks was likely obtained from the free equipment the terrorists got when they attacked the under-protected Baga barracks.

Meanwhile over 20,000 Civilian-JTF volunteer fighters amassed and have laid pursuit on Boko Haram, chasing them to Auno village and beyond.

Nigeria’s military jets can be heard.

President Jonathan promising Shehu of Borno Saturday that he will at if re-elected while army knew of Boko Haram movement toward capital
President Jonathan promising Shehu of Borno Saturday that he will if re-elected defeat Boko Haram while army knew of Boko Haram movement toward capital requiring urgent counterattack

bullet proof jonathan

Residents flee hours after president's visit to capital
Residents flee hours after president’s visit to capital