BREAKING: Buhari Reclassifies Boko Haram As ‘Bandits’ While Labelling Activists, Youth As Terrorists


The Nigerian Buhari-led administration has reclassified Boko Haram terrorists as “bandits.” This was proposed in a statement by the presidency Tuesday.

“That is why we are cooperating with Chad, Cameroon, Niger Republic, and other countries. We are also using the Air Force quite effectively. They are bandits, and we will continue to treat them as such,” the president said.

This occurring while the Nigerian government has in recent times named several peaceful protesting youth activists and journalists as terrorists.

SahahaReporters publisher Omoyele Sowore, Cross river journalist Jalingo, non violent Islamic movement of Nigeria and Indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB have all been called “terrorists” by the same Nigerian government under Buhari while Boko Haram terrorists who have continued to kill Nigerian soldiers till date are now degraded to terrorists by Buhari.

Nigeria’s anti terrorism laws prescribe death for terrorists and those who help them, however the Nigerian government has never applied the law, rehabilitating the terrorists with an unconstitutional amnesty and going as far lately as mentioning that Boko Haram terrorists can become president. Thus the new statement of downgrade from terrorists to mere bandits comes as no surprise.