BREAKING: New Video Shows Igbo Youth Killed By Nigerian Military, Others Beaten, Drowned In Muddy Water


A new horrific video shows Nigerian pro Biafra Igbo youth in the South East being horribly beaten by soldiers and drowned in mud in an outrageous display of government brutality and inhumanity.

The 5 min video also shows at least one dead youth lying face down in the mud.

Other youth are further terrorized by being placed on their backs and told to stare at the sun which causes permanent eye damage.

The youth are seen all wearing Biafra colors or holding bags and other paraphernalia. A Biafra flag is placed in front of the youth as they lay prostate in the mud.

The deployment of the Nigerian army to intimidate and provoke pro-Biafra agitators has been condemned as illegal and unconstitutional based on the provisions of section 217 of the 1999 constitution which explicitly requires congressional approval before the military can be deployed for internal crises.


Nigeria’s president who is terminally ill has frequently come under global condemnation for his authoritarian rule which has seen hundreds of Nigerians massacred and often secretly mass buried.

President Buhari and army chief Tukur Buratai