BREAKING: OPC Warns Ijaw Militants…Stop Onslaught On South West In 14 Days Or…

OPC terrorists hired by Jonathan display weapons on Lagos streets with military backing

The Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC has issued a 14-day ultimatum to suspected Niger Delta militant group, to stop their continued onslaughts on South-West communities and allow peace to reign, or risk an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth battle.

The Pan-Yoruba organisation warned suspected Niger Delta militants responsible for attacks on South West communities to desist from the act of terrorism or face its wrath along with other Ijaw people in the region.

The OPC in a statement titled “Incursion of Ijaw militants into Yoruba land:
Enough is enough” signed by Comrade Dare Adesope said:

“Enough of these invasions, killings and kidnapping of our people right on our own soil. We of the Oodua Peoples Congress (Reformed) have waited for this long, hoping that the government would curb the deadly acts of the Ijaw people on our kinsmen in their fatherland in Ogun and Lagos states.

“But, it has now dawned on us that the lives and properties of our people and, indeed, the masses are of no importance to those in authorities and the marauding militants.

“It is a known fact that we, the Yoruba, are the most contented, accommodating and tolerant among all the ethnic groups in Nigeria. We wholeheartedly welcome other tribes coming into our states either to reside or do business.

“But, if they want to take our hospitality for stupidity, we are ready to prove to them that the gentility of a tiger is not an act of cowardice. Before now, it was the Fulani herdsmen, now it is the Ijaw people that are on the prowl. Enough is enough

“Consequently, we are giving the Ijaw militants a 14-day ultimatum to allow peace to reign in our land. If they fail to heed the warning, it will henceforth be an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We will prove to them that Lagos belongs to the Yoruba and not a no man’s land that they tend to erroneously claim. “If they must care to know, we have information and facts about where their leaders’ properties are situated in the entire South- West and where their people reside in our midst as well.”

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