PDP’s Apologies And A Hebetudinous Doyin Okupe


by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta,

Retardation is a process of backwardness of the mind, this is a disease in Doyin Okupe’s blunt mind occupied by a sponge of stupidity and a lack of understanding of current issues concerning the Nigerian state.

If not, who gave Okupe the audacity to insults people that challenged his lack of understanding and lack of
intelligence, why must he be responding to people’s innovative challenges of his megalomaniac, absurd and pretentious verbatim to various issues put forward for public discuss with venomous, haggard and insultive responses.

It all falls to PDP’s inordinate and calamitous training of Okupe as a front dog in the midst of hyena’s, a sleeping snake in the den of vipers, a treacherous mugu in a nation in need of change. PDP as a party have crippled our process of development, they have stolen the resources needed for the poor and the helpless, they have stolen the lives of the innocent, the rights of the pious, and sucked the blood of women, elderly and children by
stealing billions meant for the fight against the dreaded Boko haram, the militant wing of the PDP.

With people like Okupe in PDP, the party will remain unrepented in its business of treachery, stealing, corruption and war for political end, it will remain a suburb of criminals, whose only language is to eliminate the oppressed through an un- presidented actions of siphoning, spinning, and divide and rule tactics.

Okupe as a PDP attack dog have been begging the EFCC to spare him, he was to return 100million naira, his share of the campaign booty stolen by him and his PDP cohorts in the name of election, his reasons are that he has a heart problem and may die in detention, a fate prayed by all Nigerians to visit Okupes likes, for the judgements of God are just and straight.

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo called him a criminal hypocrite, he himself called on Nigerians to refer to him as a bastard, This is when Okupe called on Nigerians to tag him as ‘bastard’ if Buhari is elected president of Nigeria.

My central discuss is not Okupe, but being the devils advocate, Okupe could not learn from his past mistakes, he rather choose to be in the market place toiling his remaining pieces of pant covering his nude ass now exposed by the anti-graft agency
of the EFCC.

These bring us to PDP’s apology for srenghtening Political Toxicity, a stupid thing done and committed by the ruling party during the election of 2015, they called everyone with a varied views, names, the grand commander of the Okupes, former president Goodluck Jonathan called our leaders motor park touts, especially Obasanjo and his 18 pages ‘before it is too late’ letter received the most venomous insults, his wife Patience Jonathan was more harsh, she referred to all northerners as ‘almajiris’, the same divide and rule tactics that never worked out because Nigerians were smart and tactical.

In November 2015, the same people deceiving people (PDP) apologizes to Nigerians for “mistakes of the past” made between 2007 to 2015, a mistakes repeated over and over again, for 16 years they stole from us, tormented us and imprisoned us. Nigerians were taken for granted by the people democratic party, a party with a ‘power’ slogan meant for suppression of the will of the majority, the embodiment of criminals wanted oversees for one criminal act or the other.

The party’s apologies were conveyed by the Chairman of the planning committee of the PDP National Conference, Raymond Dokpesi on that Tuesday of November 2015, Dokpesi said “We are aware of the errors of the past 16 years, as human beings, we must have made mistakes and we could not meet the expectations of Nigerians, for that we tender an unreserved apology,” Mr Dokpesi said. “Make no mistake, the PDP is aware that there were errors made along the way.

“We admit that at certain times in our past, mistakes have been made, we did not meet the expectations of Nigerians,” . This is an admittance of failure, an admittance of barbarism
and cruelty of the last order.

Before you know it, as reported by the same premium times on the 12th of November 2015, a day after the unreserved apology was tendered through Dokpesi, the un-apologistic PDP denied and disowns Raymond Dokpesi’s apology to Nigerians, that, his apology to Nigerians is his personal opinion.

The National Publicity Secretary of Peoples Democratic Party Olisa Metuh while speaking with journalists said, “Mr. Dokpesi’s statement did not in any way represent the official position of the PDP”. Mr. Metuh said Mr. Dokpesi could only speak in his personal capacity, adding that his opinion remains personal and did not represent that of the party.

Which kind of apology is that, they give out and take it back, from all indication PDP are mocking Nigerians again, and this type of barbarity happens only in Nigeria, a country and its leadership positions occupied by the heartless, this only happened because Nigerians were taken for granted by the PDP, a party of the wolfs that existed only for plundering and destruction of Nigeria and its people.

The dilemma have not escape us, the PDP are at the comic again, they are apologizing for strengthening Political Toxicity, this apology was issued on the 20th of July 2016, the third in a row, this shows PDP never learn, this shows PDP never change.

What else could PDP gives Nigerians? Nothing than disappointments and engraved despair, they couldn’t even solve a simple chairmanship position, they now want us to believe they can salvage Nigeria, they still think we are the fools they knew, they believed we Nigerians can still be brainwashed and exploited, they have forgotten so soon that their 16 years of misrule cannot be easily forgotten by Nigerians, they want to play games using their advocates in the likes of Doyin Okupe.

Nigerians would want the PDP to know, that we are not fools and never cowards like many in their midst, we Nigerians are analysts of the Nigerian situation, never again in our rotten Nigerian lives that we allow the PDP an opportunity to exploit us, the PDP is a bygone issue, Nigerians will never be tricked, cheated or exploited again, using Doyin Okupe’s likes for the dirty jobs, PDP is already a dead and buried party in Nigeria.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Danbatta
[email protected]
+2348124793895 Text only.