#BringBackOurWar Against Boko Haram Terror


It is now two weeks since the meaningless ceasefire with, or better put, cessation of fire against Boko Haram was announced by the Jonathan-led government of Nigeria. Since then hundreds more have been killed, dozens of youth have been abducted for rape and forceful conscription and several more towns have fallen to the terrorists. Latest to fall was Mubi in Adamawa state where Boko Haram have hoisted their flags and begun open preaching.

The sight of Nigerians fleeing the Boko Haram onslaught against Mubi was tearful. The image courtesy of a good fellow, shows cars piled up struggling to drive away to a safe place. This has been the predicament in the north. Over a dozen towns are Boko Haram territory; the citizens have either been forced to live and die under a slave mentality barbaric government; or have fled and left behind their livelihood, some family and their property.

Why has the Jonathan government stopped our #VictoryForNigeria? Why are our Presidency and military Chiefs now desperately and openly promoting #VictoryForShekau? This is the second time in the last two years that just when Nigeria had victory against these terrorists at hand; the government suddenly stopped its attack on terror and reversed the trend. In both cases it was just when the army announced the killing of the “Shekau,” leader figure, that the government suddenly stopped the military onslaught and allowed Boko Haram regroup. Is this not a government of terror?

We the people of Nigeria want our war back. Jonathan has received approval for a loan of $1 billion dollars to fight this war. Fight the war. The army recently decided to “turn the Civilian-JTF into an armed professional fighting force” to help eradicate Boko Haram totally and completely; what is happening to that?

We never had faith in the so-called ceasefire. When two evil people negotiate, it will be suicidal to anticipate good out of it. And why are the negotiations between Nigeria and Boko Haram in private? Is it not our lives they kill? Is it not our sons and daughters they abduct? Will we not be informed of/if any of their members will be released? If by some wickedness, some money is to be given to them, and some ammunition as Cameroon did, will it not be our money and our arms and ammunition? Nigerians demand that for any negotiations with Boko Haram, let them all come and do it in the open. We deserve absolute control of our destiny. What part of terror negotiations is a secret? We demand transparent open negotiations if any, now!

You are either with us or with the terrorists. We ask Jonathan now to decide: is he going to spend his last couple of months as a stubborn sponsor and supporter of terror and these terrorists who in 2012 defended as his “siblings,” or is he going to join the will and collective desire and determination of the people of Nigeria to combat Boko Haram fire for fire and show them the superior power of the Nigerian military known for its success across Africa?

Jonathan should please allow good a chance and stop being an agent of evil and obstruction in the wheel of peace and positive change.

Stop begging and bribing Boko Haram. Stop lying to the world.

#BringBackOurWar! Bring back #VictoryForNigeria

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian