Boko Haram: Touching Updates from Adamawa State

dancing joby Ahmad Sajoh

The following are some of the updates from Adamawa following the vicious attack by the Boko Haram insurgents on Mubi and surrounding towns and villages.

1) Vimtim had finally fallen. Our forces mounted a gallant resistance but they were overwhelmed.

2) Mubi indigenes resident in Yola led by Mr Joshua Atiku visited the State Governor to plead for support in evacuating internally displaced persons who were stranded in Maiha and surrounding areas.

3) The State Governor Barr Bala James Ngilari had ordered 100 buses to go and evacuate those still stranded.

4) The Governor equally appealed to the Cameroonian authorities to receive refugees from Adamawa and treat them with compassion.

5) I have finally located my parents in Doumo, Republic of Cameroon. We have relations there and they are doing a good job taking care of them.

5) on a very sad note, I received information that My good friend and colleague at Adamawa State University, Mubi. Mr Donald of the Audit Unit and two of his sons were killed yesterday. I could not reach his family or members of the University Management for confirmation.

6) Those still trapped in Mubi claim that the insurgents hold open Courts and public sessions telling people their next line of actions. They cease all phones so communication with residents is with extreme caution. Water and food supply are the major challenges for those still trapped and those who fled to smaller villages.