Brreeakking: #VisitingPresident Buhari Arrives Nigeria Again To Great Celebrations [SATIRE]


Once again Nigerians are in ecstasy as the visiting president, Muhammadu Buhari arrived the nation on the morning of April 4th.

Once agains there was celebration across the land!



President Buhari had been in the United States with one or two other African leaders for talks on Nigeria’s nuclear power system at the Nuclear summit. Buhari also helped resolve serious Nuclear issues involving Israel, Iran and the United States.

This while the UN visited Agatu and said it is the worst tragedy they have ever seen. Also this while the Kano State government begged President Buhari to declare the Sabon Gari fire a national tragedy with the 4000 shops burned and trillions lost. And also as protests continue across the nation for several illegally detained citizens including Mrs Zeenat Zakzaky’s release from unknown detentions.

Nigerians are hoping the visiting president will help them with a few things before he goes back.

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