“Buddy of Mine … Passed Away From a Heart Attack, Peer Pressured into Getting You Know What”: Twitters Mourn Jab Deaths in Code

Lazy eyes listen


A conversation thread picked up in a quite corner of twitter today with several users lamenting deaths after taking the shot of you-know-what for C19.

That’s the type of language users used in fear of being silenced for speaking out.

SaaS Capo @SaaSCapo

“Buddy of mine for 10 yrs passed away from a heart attack Peer pressured into getting you know what Early 30s, athletic, zero previous heart problems, left behind 2 beautiful girls. No further comments. RIP Homie”

His tweet was quickly followed by a similar comment by another twitter, EW-98@EW___98, who said,

“My childhood friend just died at 41yo leaving behind a wife and 11yo daughter. Sad thing is he didn’t even need it, he’d beaten C19 earlier in the year but his employer mandated it. It’s maddening. Sorry for you loss. Damn shame.”

Another coded reply shortly followed,

“Replying to @SaaSCapo My neighbor. 70 but very healthy. Vegetarian for 50 years. Weekly yoga. Thought about every piece of food, vitamin, medicine that she ingested. Died 8 days after j n j.” by Bidens_Outstretched_Reacharound@OMGthisisreal1

And more responses followed:

Physicians have noted that according to research, only 10% of side-effect related deaths get successfully reported into the US VAERS reporting system. Many citizens and even health-care practitioners appear to be afraid to talk of side effects and deaths possibly linked to taking you-know-what. It’s a scary new day in the world.


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