‘I Receive Death Threats:’ Top Jewish Doctor & Zelenko Protocol Discoverer Goes All Out On Vax Concerns Before Israeli Rabbinical Court [VIDEO]

  • Original caption: ‘Poison Death Shot’: Dr Zelenko, Presidents’ Doctor & Zelenko Protocol Discoverer Testifies Before Israeli Rabbinical Court on Risk vs Benefits [VIDEO]


Zelenko Protocol discoverer Dr. Vladimir Ze’ev Zelenko last week testified before the Ma’aleh Adumim Rabbinic Court in Israel regarding the COVID-19 shot.

Watch here:

In the video, the renowned doctor who is a physician to eminent personalities like the former Israeli Prime minister, president of Brazil, former president Donald Trump and other public figures, laid out his thoughts on the risks versus benefits of administering the covid vaccines to kids in particular and the larger population.

Dr. Zelenko discussed short and long term known and unknown risks including myocarditis in the young, fertility and pregnancy problems in women and risks of autoimmune diseases and cancer among others.

More rabbinical rulings on the COVID-19 injection are available below (Hebrew).