Buhari Bomb Assassination Attempt Linked To Utterances Accusing VP Sambo Of Boko Haram Involvement


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SSS finds Communications between Boko Haram, VP Namadi Sambo and AGF Adoke

A recent bomb attack on former president General Muhammadu Buhari, also an opposition party top member has been related to his recent utterances incriminating the Vice president of Nigeria in Boko Haram terror.

The attack on Gen. Buhari’s life took place on July 24th, 2014, coincidentally the same date that the Nigerian government was embattled with global 100 day protests over government non action on the abduction of over 200 girls from a school in Chibok in the nation’s troubled north.

Popular bloggers and public commentators have begun to link the sudden desperate assassination attempt on the top opposition party member to his recent explosive utterances where he categorically challenged the Federal government of Nigeria to submit the reality of the involvement of the PDP ruling party Vice President, Namadi Sambo to Boko Haram terror.

General Buhari has hitherto been known to be cautious and careful on speaking out against the ruling party, however apparently when he could no longer take the incessant name tarnishing from the party for which he had in the past taken the President’s spokesperson, Reuben Abati to court and after being begged by the President of Nigeria, had agreed to settle the Libel case out of court with Reuben Abati and the Guardian newspaper publishing an unreserved apology to him; Buhari at last spoke out.

On March 25th of 2014, Buhari released the following strong statement:

Buhari, while reacting to the claim through the former national publicity secretary of the now rested Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Rotimi Fashakin, in a text message to Punch, in Abuja, on Monday, said, Metuh, the PDP spokesman, was showing as much desperation as Joseph Goebbels in the last days of the Hitler regime.

According to him, Metuh was only out to dent the image and reputation of the former Military General.

Fashakin said, “The former National Security Adviser, Late Gen. Andrew Azazi, was unequivocal in his assertion that the power play in the PDP was the raison d’etre of the Boko Haram insurgency. Apparently, the discomfort caused within the PDP hierarchy was the reason for his sack.

Furthermore, we knew of the confessional statement to the State Security Service by one of the PDP stalwarts that the contact with Boko Haram was with the imprimatur of the Vice President, Namadi Sambo.”

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Innocent cross-dresser arrested by Nigerian SSS and presented as mastermind
Innocent cross-dresser arrested by Nigerian SSS and presented as assassination mastermind

Observers note that it was barely four months after Buhari had made the bold submission that a brazen attempt was made on his life in Kaduna, that left his entire bomb-proof vehicles totaled and over 80 market people dead. Commentators ask whether these are the reasons why many including the former president have been afraid to come out and challenge the ruling party leadership on their several noted links to the continuing spate of Boko Haram anti-north terror in the nation.

NSA Andrew Azazi Died in an Explosion After Similar Utterances

It is noted that shortly after the former National Security Adviser of Nigeria, late Andrew Owoye Azazi made a similar public revelation, declaring that the ruling PDP party was behind Boko Haram sponsorship, that he was fired by the President of Nigeria and he too died in a suspected bombing of his helicopter while flying over Bayelsa state.

An investigation into the assassination attempt on Buhari’s life was bungled and rendered hopeless when the Nigerian security team arrested an innocent cross-dresser homosexual and claimed this well known cross-dresser was a disguised Boko Haram member and the mastermind of the attack. The opposition party, APC immediately called for an international investigation into the attempt on the former General’s life.



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