Buhari Deliberately Turning Sheikh Zakzaky Blind

Zakzaky and Buhari


The Doctor assigned to attend to our illegally detained leader Sheikh Zakzaky has clearly told the authorities detaining him that he could go blind if not given the proper medical attention he deserves without further delay.

The way and manner in which the federal government has been handling the health of the fatally injured Sheikh Zakzaky for the past 13 months leaves much to be desired. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria rightly believes that the government is deliberately and silently killing Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. First he was needlessly shot severally before arrest by troops of the Nigerian Army. His treatment since then has been shrouded in secrecy, and perhaps also sub optimal considering that they wanted him dead in the first place anyway. Since then, he has been denied access to his own doctors and the Federal government has not allowed independent specialists to have a second opinion on his state of health. This is in spite of the government’s knowledge of his deteriorating health status.

Thus far, the government has decided to play deaf, dumb and blind, as if all is well. The continued detention, illegally, in what it termed ‘protective custody,’ against court orders and despite the doctor’s red alert is objectionable and condemnable. It is a moral obligation upon all people of conscience to show support and empathy to the plight of the oppressed Sheikh. Something urgent must be in place to save the deteriorating eye of Sheikh Zakzaky.

We therefore urge well-meaning Nigerians to act fast and save the dear life of Sheikh Zakzaky by putting enormous pressure on the government to implement a high court order and release him at once to enable him attend to his health. Sheikh Zakzaky is in dire need of proper medical attention like never before. Nigerians and the international community should hold president Buhari and those known to have played prominent roles in the Zaria massacre responsible for anything that happens to Sheikh Zakzaky.

We therefore call on the Acting President, Prof. Osinbajo to obey Court order and free Sheikh Zakzaky from this wicked 13 months detention to seek proper medical attention.

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