Buhari Fails To Greet Nigerians ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ As Fasting Commences


President Muhammadu Buhari broke with tradition this year as he did not greet Nigerians with wishes of a blessed Ramadan fasting period since it commenced on the 26th of May.

In the past while on similar trip abroad, president Buhari recorded an audio message of Ramadan greetings, noted to be of very weak strength of voice in 2015.

In 2016 as usual, from his rest in London, he allegedly released just a statement through spokesman Garba Shahu, urging Nigerian traders “not to increase the prices of goods and services” during the period.

Noting his being in London for the fast and not Nigeria, people commented, “did he urge them from London or is he urging London traders?”

This year there has been no video clip, audio clip or even press statement congratulating the nation’s Muslim faithfuls and Muslims of the world on the fast.

There are speculations that the president has gone under: is undergoing risky major therapy for his chronic medical conditions. In such cases, risky organ transplants are given which require surgical sedation and long bed rest for recovery.

While the president was flown to the UK, there is no evidence he is still there and may have been moved to Saudi Arabia or Germany for these rare medical options typically denied patients at his age in the UK and US.