‘Buhari’s Best 2-yr Achievement Was Murder & Secret Burial of 1000 Muslims To Please His Saudi Masters’

Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari with Saudi King Salman as Saud

Nigeria: Two years of state terrorism

By Abdulmumin Giwa,

It is exactly two years on 29th May since the global terror managers represented by John Kerry visited Nigeria to witness the swearing-in ceremony of their new stooge President Muhammadu Buhari whose job is to exterminate some Nigerians that have found themselves in their black books.

Basic among those they want exterminated are the leadership and members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) who they see as an influence of their enemy Islamic Republic of Iran. They immediately initiated the new President Buhari to their global cult of terrorism made up of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

President Buhari who is known to be having a military background devoid of any tribal or religious sentiment was soon converted into a Wahhabi/Salafist and initiated into a cult of sectarianism based on an Islam founded by the CIA and spread as its officially recognized Islam. It is the same official Islam of Saudi Arabia and all the terrorist organizations they have founded. It is the Islam of Al-Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram and Al-Shabab. To them everybody is an infidel if he does not practice their form of extremism as Islam.

In the international scene, America and Israel are in an all-out war against Islamic Republic of Iran and all its supporters and allies. For this reason they oppose Iran that is even practically more democratic than America and embrace Saudi Arabia that is undemocratic and runs a royal authoritarian system. They go about across the world castigating and blackmailing Iran and its allies while everybody watches as Saudi Arabia is busy along with America terrorizing other nations.

They see any influence of Iran anywhere across the world as a threat to their interest and to them the IMN is a major threat to their interest most especially with the way it is fast growing with millions of members.
They could not provoke the IMN into violence because its activities are all peaceful and educative and are based on public enlightenment.

The imperialists see the IMN as a threat to the way they are exploiting the African continent and carting away resources through the unpatriotic and wicked leaders. They see the IMN as a source of enlightenment to the suppressed and exploited Africans and what is more disturbing is that this awareness is coming from Nigeria the largest black nation in the world.

Buhari, El-Rufai said to be serving Saudi wahhabi sponsored agenda

In an earlier attempt when the Americans under former President Jonathan tested the plot of exterminating the IMN they realized after killing 34 members including three sons of the IMN leader that were abducted and tortured to death that they would prefer a president that is a northerner and a Muslim in order to avoid the IMN getting any form of sympathy from the public. For indeed there was sympathy and it was, turned into a political issue where the current Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai issued a condemnatory statement to that effect.

The Americans selected Buhari for president with the agreement that he will kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, disperse his followers and outlaw the Movement. They staged a drama of road blockage under which pretext they murdered over 1000 IMN members in cold blood. The manner of attack was the worst terrorist attack ever to have taken place in Nigeria before. Several people were burned alive including the elder sister of the IMN leader and his nephew. Women had their breasts cut with bayonets and sharp objects placed in their private parts. Unarmed civilians were summarily and extra-judicially killed after coming out with their hands up.

Heap of corpses were gathered along with injured persons all of who were buried in mass graves hundreds of kilometers away from the scene of the killing too hide the crimes. They washed off blood stains and picked up bullets and bomb shells while the Kaduna state government used state machinery to demolish the affected places and pack away the rubbles all in attempt to hide their heinous crimes against humanity.
They have at the wake of the operation attempted killing the IMN leader and his wife after murdering additional three of his sons in his presence. They shot the IMN leader severally including in the eye while they shot his wife severally in the womb.

They took both of them into an illegal detention they coined a deceptive name for claiming that the IMN leader is being kept in ‘protective custody’, a phrase they failed to defend before the court when the Federal High Court, a court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria ordered the release and compensation of the IMN leader and they acted in contempt of court.

For the simple fact that this government came in to exterminate the IMN, apart from the state sponsored genocide against the IMN there is no other thing to show by the regime two years after forcefully been placed in power by the imperialists to serve their bid.

People are now living in hardship and extreme poverty with an ever-rising inflation that is beyond 150%. More and more people have lost their jobs as more and more industries have closed down in the country as a result of severe economic policies.

Virtually those Nigerians that have been deceived into accepting the Buhari regime as a hope for the future have lost hope completely in the government and are even saying it that they never knew Buhari had no idea of a way out.

In a deceptive and selective anti-graft war being fought by the government also nobody could explain exactly what is happening, wh.at is being recovered, from who it is being recovered and where it is being taken to. The close friends of the regime have immunity from being challenged no matter how corrupt they are in such a way that the president is circulated by the most corrupt Nigerians.

It is under this regime that a lot of lies have taken place. Innocent people have been killed incessantly. There have been cases of herdsmen whose cattle have been mischievously taken away from them only to be announced later that government has recovered them from cattle rustlers and some of them are given back to them.

Amnesty international Satellite image of Mando mass grave where hundreds of victims were secretly buried

This is not talking about diseases that have raised the death rate in the country especially in the north where the disease is name ‘sak’ after a campaign terminology. The economic recession being faced can never be likened to any period of time in the Nigerian history.

In fact concerned independent public observers and analysts have mentioned over 80 campaign promises that the regime has failed to fulfill some of which included public declaration of assets which bothers on morality. It promised bringing back to life the Ajaokuta Steel Rolling Mill and banning government officials from seeking medical aid abroad which not even the president could fulfill.

They even claimed that they had no plan of Islamizing Nigeria which they have failed by submitting the nation to the President’s new religion of Wahhabism for which the gates of the Ka’bah were opened for him and for which he hosted some Wahhabi scholars at the State House in Abuja and also declared war against the Shiite Nigerians using state machinery.

Some of the victims of governor el-Rufai and army chief Tukur Buratai abducted or mass buried girls, whereabouts still unknown

This is government with the worst human rights records under which several people have been killed for protesting peacefully while others are jailed. It is a government that does not have regard for law and order nor does it respect the court, in fact not even the ECOWAS court does respect.

These two years of governance by this regime that came in preaching the change mantra were a display of state terrorism and economic deterioration in Nigeria. They are the worst years any Nigerian has ever lived before. All it has come with are sorrow, tears and blood.