Is Buhari a Gift to the North?, by Jabir T Usman


Buhari is not a gift to the North! Even the conquering of the insurgency which people tremendously give credit to #Buhari is not fair but a partial justice. Because people totally turn a blind eye to Jonathan’s effort in fighting against the Boko Haram, or some people are not aware of his part of the performance in the War.

People didn’t see an iota of any effort from Jonathan’s confrontation with the insurgency most especially in the North East.

Jonathan bought one of the latest Armored Tanks, the “T72” from Russia and Hungary which can engage enemies from 3-5 kilometres, purposely to combat Boko Haram. And it was inside the tank that the late Lt. Col Abu Ali was killed. Unfortunately, during this current administration under Buhari, Nigeria got obsolete ‘ War Tanks’ from America, which they used during the “Gulf War”! Anybody who is in doubt should attentively watch the Gulf War!

Furthermore, before the expiration of Jonathan’s tenure Nigeria’s troops recaptured some major cities in Maiduguri. Anyone who is doubtful of this fact should kindly delve deeper to know the reality of what I pen here on this issue.

However, history will never efface the performance of any leader, but people can unfairly give it preference over another.

Therefore, we the Northerners that we clamoured that power should return to the North, because mostly we always profess that we are born to rule! Then what has Buhari’s government kept as a legacy in the 2 years of his stewardship spearheading the affairs of Nigeria, despite our vociferous demand of power?

And what would the Northerners be proud of it in these 2 years of Buhari’s administration…just the way we used the 2 years of Late Yar’Adua’s as our ultimate pride?

Not even Northern Nigeria, what would be the legacy of APC in these two years in Nigeria, excluding the debatable Anti Corruption war, economy?

To me, I prefer a leader who will build the Nigeria of my dream irrespective of his region. Even though the culture we developed is what is contaminating us… that if a leader is from my region he is the best, no matter what evil he does! And this is also what we inherited since from the first republic.
~ Jabir T Usman