Buhari Orders Buratai To Benue With Operation Dragon Fire: Don’t Hold Your Breath!

President Buhari and army chief Tukur Buratai


Would it not be a shocker if president Buhari made such call? No, don’t hold your breath. It’s not happening. Buhari has ordered to police chief to Benue to “keep the peace.” Alas, Buhari knows the role of the police when it comes to ‘his’ Fulani people.

As one who campaigned for Buhari, I am full of regret. I should have sat on the fence like Wole Soyinka and Sheikh Gumi. Perhaps had Buhari not won, the revolution would have happened already and Nigeria would be free from these clueless and callous cabal.

While in this short piece, I am not reversing from my express constitutional-backed position, that the army has NO ROLE in being peace keepers within the state; this being the primary role of the police; I am as you should be too, depressed to confirm that Buhari is a vile and callous tribalist. When it came to Shia Muslim minorities in Zaria, Buhari defended the deployment of the military to massacre and secretly mass bury 1000 protesting youth. When it came to IPOB pro-Biafrans, Buhari sent the army on operation python dance to massacre and again secretly bury dozens of youth protesters. But when it came to ‘his own’ and actually my own too, I myself being a full-fledged Fulani, Buhari knows that it is the duty of police with handcuffs and the ability to prosecute, to be deployed. And this is a case where the implicated Fulani group issued a threat and is accused of perpetrating barbaric massacres and displacing over 50,000 Nigerians.

Again, in this case Buhari is unable to declare these defined terrorists as such and proscribe them, unlike the case of the Shia Muslims he loathes and the Igbos he detests, who he swiftly rushed headlong to label and proscribe.

It is a shame Buhari has proven to all that it was late Tunde Idiagbon of esteemed memory that was to be credited with all the successes of his 80s stint. Buhari has unwritten his legacy. 2019 soon cometh.

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