Buhari: Slow-Motion President, by Makinde Kilani

Makinde Kilani

I am getting pissed off with this slow motion in governance. They are already abusing me in my area… Buhari is too slow and now they are almost giving him a name “Mr Slow motion”.

How in this world we are still having all the Goodluck Jonathan’s elements still in govt?

All service chiefs are still in office directing affairs!Some of these service chiefs he is retaining have been accused of war crimes, of terrorism. These are the same people that allowed Boko Haram for so many years and he is still maintaining them. This is the most dangerous decision by a General. All the heads of ministries, departments and agents (MDA) are still intact.

boko haram joker2Infact, what we have now is an extension of Jonathan’s govt. And that’s why some ministries are doing fast payments of contracts just because they have seen the gap.

I am not really a man of slow motion. APC guys are busy with intra fighting and squabbles. We did not support or vote for all the slow and snail speed is even the worst to happen to the teeming population that have been subdued and bastardized over the years. Nigerians want action from Buhari. We don’t want pardon and undisclosed settlements. We are waiting for justice and if we cannot get it timely, we will be hopeless and desperate. So much expectations from Buhari. The NSA to Jonathan who plotted election cancellation and engineered interim government Is still in office wining and dinning with Buhari. Infact, we are still in Jonathan’s regime.

Right now we are thinking that Buhari’s last military regime was action packed because of late Idiagbon of blessed memory. I want to be proven wrong as soon as possible.

Long live the Fed. Rep. Of Nigeria.