Buhari: Two Years Of Bloodshed And Hunger, By Sani Bello

By Sani Bello

President Buhari has successfully killed more than one thousand Shiites Muslims across Nigeria in two years of his maladministration that has brought hunger and unimaginable hardship to the citizens of this country. Even then, the bloodshed has failed to stop Shi’a growth in Nigeria. Shiites are still making headlines: Since December 2015, Shiites have been marching constantly in the streets in peaceful protest demanding JUSTICE and seeking the release of Our illegally detained Spiritual LEADER, His WIFE and hundreds of IMN members. A peaceful struggle that we are very much prepared, determined and willing to lay down Our lives for.

Then, how many more years does President Muhammadu Buhari think he has, and that can enable him kill more than ten millions growing population of Nigerian Shiites Muslims so as to silence us all forever? Is Brutal Brutai not the Army Chief again? What happen to his Guns, Tanks and Bombs? He thought he owned people lives, just like yesterday he was behaving arrogantly as if he is more powerful than our Creator, the Creator of the universe, the all Powerful, the Annihilator of Tyrants and Oppressors. Our reliance, power and dependence is solely upon Our creator and He is sufficient for us.

Our peaceful struggle for justice is from cradle to coffin: no retreat, no surrender and no going back. You can kill Shiites as many as possible but certainly futility is the result of those whose effort is geared towards eliminating the truth. You can’t kill an ideology using the power of gun, it is just impossible. When I was a child, I was told that democracy is what will bring about peace and development to a country. But President Buhari makes me wonder weather democracy is all about extra judicial killings, official and unofficial massacres, hunger, poverty and suffering, as we are experiencing under his government now.

The cause of President Buhari’s failure, incapacitation and shame is never unconnected to the bloodshedding of innocent civilians nationwide. From Zaria massacre to Southern Kaduna killings, Agatu massacre, Herdsmen killings, IPOB massacres, Zamfara killings and host of other killings and blood bathing, almost every corner of the country blood flows tempestuously. Some he ordered while some is as a result of his failure in discharging his responsibility as the chief security officer of our dear country.

Our Creator is sufficient as a Protector. They planned and Allah planned, but Allah is the greatest of all planners. Allah knows I hate bloodshed!