Call For Your Donations Of Books, Reading Materials To #IDPBooksDrive For Boko Haram Victims


We are enthusiastic to announce the launching of an urgent new campaign to help Boko Haram victims and Displaced persons in the Northeast of Nigeria get back to school, to reading and studying. Nigerian socio-political philanthropic organization is embarking on a Global IDP Book Drive!

The displaced people and other terror victims in Borno, Yobe, Adamawa and elsewhere need books! They need the books you no longer need. Any reading material is invaluable. Pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, leisure and religious books are all solicited. Schools were burned down, homes were burned down and whatever little they had of books and other academic and literature material has been lost. Let’s afford our less fortunate the opportunity of text. The children need writing instruments; pens, pencils, paper. They need writing boards and markers too; learning toys, anything that can put a smile on their faces and re-open their intellectual and academic worlds is appreciated.


Nigerians and friends of Nigeria all over the world have so-far proven their immense generosity in supporting our ongoing #IDPClothesDrive which has thus far gathered and donated at least 50,000 used and new clothes to the victims in the northeast. While we continue to collect your clothes you don’t need, we also ask you to kindly drop off your books you no longer need with our many collection agents and centers across Nigeria and abroad.

Visit for a host of agents you can donate to and for information to volunteer..

2-3 million Nigerians were affected. Tens of thousands of children are being born in displaced camps annually. Once we think about how difficult it is for those of us unaffected by such a tragedy to get basic materials, then we can barely imagine the needs of the displaced! and so many assisted victims remain eternally grateful to all who have been so kind to us and continue to be. God bless you!

It is time to turn the destiny of the Northeast around. Yes we can.

Please visit ENDS: #IDPBooksDrive for donation and volunteer support.

Thank you!

Baba Aliko +234-80123085907 @EveryNigerian; [email protected]