Canada Police Union Rejects Forced Vaccination, Will Defend “Mounties” From Any Consequences

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  • RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) union says it supports a Mountie’s ‘right’ to refuse vaccination
  • NPF says it will represent members through ‘possible employment consequences’

by Catharine Tunney · CBC News,

The RCMP’s union says it supports the “right” of RCMP officers to refuse to get vaccinated and will back up any member who refuses vaccination once the mandatory vaccination policy for the federal public service is in place. 

“The [National Police Federation] supports a member’s right to choose to be vaccinated or not,” says a Sept. 23 email to members, obtained by CBC News.

“We will assist and represent members individually with their choice and its possible employment consequences.”

A spokesperson for the union wouldn’t say how many members have voiced concerns about vaccination against COVID-19, citing privacy reasons. 

Just two days before the August election call, the Liberal government announced that it would make vaccines mandatory for federal employees and those travelling by plane, train or ship.

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