SUNY Downstate, MAJOR NY Hospital Shuts Down Surgeries, Other Services as Staff Reject Covid Vaccines

Image: SUNY Downstate
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SUNY Downstate, a foremost hospital in New York’s Brooklyn city is shutting down surgeries and other services due to understaffing as many workers who have rejected the vaccine are on unpaid leave with some fighting the vaccine mandate in court.

Fred Kowal, the president of United University Professions, whose union represents thousands of Downstate members told News 12. that “workers who aren’t vaccinated are on unpaid leave, with some fighting the mandate in court.”

172 unvaccinated employees are facing disciplinary action.

SUNY Downstate is a tertiary training hospital and one of the largest Hospitals serving central Brooklyn communities.

The closure comes as several other hospitals in New York and around the country are suffering staff loses and having to also shut down services.