‘The Vaxx’d Still Fall Sick and Spread it Right?’ NBA Star Bradley Beal Disturbs Mainstream Media After Recovering From Covid [VIDEO]

Bradley Beal shocks media: Youtube
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The mainstream media is perplexed by the intelligent responses given by Wizard’s Bradley Beal who remained unvaccinated after he recovered from Covid.

“I Don’t give a damn about the herd or whatever it is. Err… Every player every person in this world is going to make their own decision for themselves… I would like an explanation to people with vaccines – why are they still getting COVID if that’s something that we are supposed to highly be protected from?”

Asked several times why he was not still vaccinated, Brad definitively stated that the choice of what enters one’s body should be personal. Emphasizing that this was the case not just with vaccines but many other substances.

The star also quizzed the “vaccinated” audience on the difference in his natural immunity from recovering from Covid and their vaccine-immunity, highlighting that they too could get infected and they too could still pass covid on to others, which knocks the herd immunity possibility.

Beal went on to comment on side effects not talked about.

“Some people have bad reactions to the vaccine,” He said. “Nobody likes to talk about that. And what happens if one of our players gets the vaccine and they can’t play after that or they have complications after that? Because there are cases like that. But I feel we don’t talk about those as heavily, because they’re so minute maybe. But they are existent.”

Many mainstream media stations have been perplexed by his responses, some still touting the “herd immunity” goal which has since been dumped by Oxford’s lead scientist and the CDC as unachievable since the vaccinated still transmit the virus which makes the herd immunity wall vaccinated must form impossible.


The main mention is at 10 minutes.

Bradley’s entire interview is the first 29 minutes.