CDC Data: ~70% of Covid Deaths in 1 Year Were in People With 6 Comorbid Medical Conditions! 97% Had 2 or More!

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Data from a published paper on the Center for Disease Control, CDC website gives new insight into the factors associated with Covid-19 deaths for a twelve month reviewed period.

The study was published under, “PREVENTING CHRONIC DISEASE PUBLIC HEALTH RESEARCH, PRACTICE, AND POLICY Volume 18, E66 JULY 2021” and captioned, Underlying Medical Conditions and Severe Illness Among 540,667 Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19, March 2020–March 2021.”

screenshot of CDC paper from:

Authors of the study, Lyudmyla et al. looked at records of 4,899,447 hospitalized adults, from the Premier Healthcare Database Special COVID-19 Release (PHD-SR), of which “540,667 (11.0%) were patients with COVID-19.” They found that,

“94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical condition. Essential hypertension (50.4%), disorders of lipid metabolism (49.4%), and obesity (33.0%) were the most common. The strongest risk factors for death were obesity (adjusted risk ratio [aRR] = 1.30; 95% CI, 1.27–1.33), anxiety and fear related disorders (aRR = 1.28; 95% CI, 1.25–1.31), and diabetes with complication (aRR = 1.26; 95% CI, 1.24–1.28), as well as the total number of conditions, with aRRs of death ranging from 1.53 (95% CI, 1.41–1.67) for patients with 1 condition to 3.82 (95% CI, 3.45–4.23) FOR PATIENTS WITH MORE THAN 10 CONDITIONS (COMPARED WITH PATIENTS WITH NO CONDITIONS).”

This meant, obesity by itself gave a 30% increased death risk!

Anxiety gave a 29% increased risk of death!

Diabetes gave 26% increased risk of death.

Having more than 10 conditions –in one person– presented with a 3.82 times higher chance of dying, that is a 382% higher chance of dying from Covid!

272,591 of the 540,667 Covid cases had essential hypertension. 267,057 had disorders of lipid metabolism, 178,153 were obese and so on as presented in the chart below:

Prevalence of the most frequent underlying medical conditions in a sample of adults hospitalized with COVID-19 in Premier Healthcare Database

Most Deaths in Patients with Multiple Conditions

When these conditions were combined, the study showed an elevated risk of death.

For people with 1 condition, the death rate was 2.6%

For patients admitted with 2-5 comorbid health conditions, the death rate was 32.3%! 25,893 patients died of the total of 79,434 deaths.

Patients with 6-10 conditions were 39.1% of the recorded deaths.

And those with 10 or more conditions were 25.1% (20,144 people) of the recorded dead.

When the 6-10 underlying health conditions group is added to the 10> conditions group, that gives 64.2% (51,454 of 79,434 total positives) or about two thirds of deaths in covid positive in patients who may be regarded grossly unhealthy.

There were 740 deaths of people without any condition; 0.9% of deaths. 1 underlying medical condition and up accounted for 99.1% of deaths.

CDC: Characteristics of Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19 in Premier Healthcare Database Special COVID-19 Release (PHD-SR), March 2020–March 2021

See the prevalence of these comorbid conditions among the total number of patients and their risk of death in the following table. *Example: 1.5 means 50% greater risk of death. 1.2 means 20% increased risk of death.*

Disorders and risk of death

An expert and concise explanation of the study has been recorded for the public courtesy of PeakProsperity‘s Dr. Chris Martenson. Watch:

Perhaps these results partly explain the frequency of deaths in America when compared to Africa for instance where Covid’s first, second and third waves have left a markedly less deadly impact.

Covid Pandemic: Improving Public Health Saves More Lives

Dr. Martenson advised that in addition to offering the choice of vaccines, a major healthcare focus should be improving the health of Americans, including tackling conditions like obesity, which some media have actually recently been promoting as healthy. See New York Times and the Cosmopilitan.

New York Times Article: “Obese But Healthy”
Cosmopolitan: “This is Healthy” with images of obese Americans

Lower Risk Medical Conditions

Some other conditions appeared to show low or no risk whatsoever.

Some of these conditions actually appeared protective against Covid, possibly due to the medications being taken playing a role in controlling viral replication. *Explanation: Less than 1% risk means the condition is protective.*

Anxiety at #2 was an unexplained risk. The study authors suggested that perhaps the medications used to treat anxiety may have been the reason, however Dr. Martenson opined that perhaps the anxiety arose during Covid and should be looked as a bad sign of negative Covid outcomes.

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