China threatens ‘countermeasures’ over balloon shootdowns, says US entities ‘undermine China’s sovereignty’

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China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, announced that China will be taking “countermeasures” against U.S. entities that “undermine China’s sovereignty and security,” according to the Associated Press.

China is responding to American sanctions as more information about the alleged Chinese spy balloons emerges, despite the communist country’s claim that the original balloon was an unmanned weather aircraft that had accidentally blown off its original course.

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“China strongly opposes this and will take legal countermeasures against the relevant US entities that undermine China’s sovereignty and security,” Wang said during a briefing.

China will “resolutely safeguard national sovereignty as well as its legitimate rights and interests,” according to the official.

According to the Pentagon, the Chinese government has been conducting covert surveillance operations for “several years,” and the Japanese government appears to have confirmed these claims.

According to Japan’s Defense Ministry, officials believe Chinese spy balloons flew over Japanese airspace at least three times between 2019 and 2023, and they are seeking answers from Beijing while considering changing laws to make subsequent breaches of airspace illegal.

According to US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel, China is displaying a pattern of aggression that includes foreign Chinese police stations discovered in the US and Canada.

“To me, the balloon is not an isolated incident,” Emanuel said.

China should “respond appropriately to certain fundamental premises,” he added.

“That is, you do not open police stations in other countries unaware of their laws, as if your laws have no boundaries,” the ambassador explained, adding that the actions are “not exactly the qualities and characteristics of the good neighbor policy.”

The Philippines recently accused the Chinese navy of using a “military-grade laser” on a patrol vessel, causing “temporary blindness to her crew at the bridge,” according to a statement from the Philippine Coast Guard.

The Filipino navy was delivering supplies to one of its larger ships in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea when it was approached by a China Coast Guard ship and two smaller boats. The Chinese ship then fired a powerful green laser beam at the crew.