Classified Intel: Army Plotting To Implicate Boko Haram, KDSG As Behind Murder of 100s of Shiites In Mass Grave

Implicated Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai and Amy chief Tukur Buratai


Leaks from highly classified intelligence meetings by the Nigerian army detail a plot to implicate Boko Haram in the Zaria massacre incident that saw as many as 750 Shia minority Muslims and other passersby and religions’ victims killed.

Members of the Kaduna state government will also be framed, the sources allege. Possibly including the Kaduna governor, Nasir el-Rufai who the army is upset with for having suddenly ‘broken file’, revealing the numbers of bodies buried in Mando against prior agreement. El-Rufai however as gathered, only grudgingly confessed on the Mando mass grave after he had been informed that Amnesty International was already onto it; had sent officials to inspect the site and was preparing its damning report.

Perplexed by the global outrage and damning reports by the Amnesty International indicting the Nigerian army in the massacre of 347 bodies admitted by the Kaduna state government to have been buried in a single mass grave in Mando, Zaria, the Nigerian military top officers and other security bosses entered a series of secret meetings to figure a way out of the egregious ‘bloody mess.’

It was leaked to NewsRescue that the decision reached after vigorous plotting was to frame Boko Haram as behind the massacre at all stages from onset to the current anti-Nigerian army publicity and global reaction. We are unable to ascertain an actual link with Boko Haram at this time.

Bishop Fomam pushed for the amnesty for Boko Haram
Bishop Fomam pushed for the amnesty for Boko Haram

The security chiefs decided to claim the entire incident was planned and supervised by Boko Haram. The narrative which is to be introduced gradually and pushed in the media would have it that due to the recent successes of the Nigerian army against Boko Haram, the terror sect sponsors “within the Kaduna government and abroad” instigated the road-block itself by giving the Islamic movement inciting reports in regards to a mission of the army to massacre them. The motive would be that Boko Haram staged all this to malign the image of chief of army staff, Lieutenant Colonel Tukur Yusuf Buratai and hence “hinder the war against the sect.”

The plot would further push a tale that disguised Boko Haram members onsite during the massacre were the ones who killed most of the dead Muslims dumped in the Mando mass grave.

It is recalled that during the army deposition at the Judicial panel, while admitting that a number of bodies were handed over for the burial, the army refused to state how many.

The new narrative will claim that the army had no knowledge of the excess bodies in the Mando mass grave and it could only have been the “Boko Haram agents within the Kaduna government” that added these hundreds of bodies “killed by Boko Haram” actors into the grave.

The governor of Kaduna may be implicated as the fall guy to save the heads of the security bosses, army chief and ultimately, President Muhammadu Buhari who is highly disturbed by the bad publicity from the massacre and aftermath. Buhari who has been called and admonished by the United States government, reportedly instructed the security chief to deal with the issue and/or not embarrass him with it.

The army it was reported is not particularly sympathetic with governor el-Rufai because he “was a great motivator of the massacre and demolitions, but later thought he could pull himself out,” our source said.

An initial plan to evacuate the bodies quickly dissipated realizing that global satellites were trained on the Mando mass grave and as this initial plot was leaked by several media including NewsRescue.

According to our highly placed intelligence top secret sources, the plan is already in motion and the new spin narrative is already in the press. An “unlimited” amount of funds has been dedicated to “making this all go away,” sources said. NewsRescue has not yet identified such publications but will surely update this article with them when we spot them.

No one is immune from implication to get out of the ‘bloody mess,’ the sources said; the security chiefs are ready to seriously implicate any one, media, government official, governors and even international rights organisations as co-players in the concocted Boko Haram mission.

May 8th Update: NewsRescue Discovers Two Articles Pushing Concept KDSG, Boko Haram Behind #ZariaMassacre