Communities Behind Kaduna Largest Dam Express Fear of Breakage [Audio and Pictures]

  • Thousands of dwellers that shared neighborhoods with the Dam calls on Government, NEMA & SEMA, for quick intervention

There are six communities that expressed fear and danger because of been neighbor to Kangimi dam,and these villages were Gobirawa,Ruhogi,Barkonu ,Cikaji,likoro and unguwar yamman likoro with Girkawa, and all these villages were just behind the Kangimi Dam which is located in igabi local Government of Kaduna state north western Nigeria.

In a statement shared to the media by the association of fishermen residing alone the Kaduna River which is headed by Mallam usman jikan mudi,,the dam has developed this problems since last year due to heavy rainfall, when a thunder strike heat the wall of the Dam ,and since then ,the dam has developed some cracks and these cracks are really scaring Thousands of these communities,including the fisher men ,farmers and Cattlebreaders that are residing closer to the river bank.

Usman said, There are thousands of people that are residing with their family in those villages, we are really afraid of what will happen to them when the Dam breaks, and that is why we are so worried about the situation on ground, and as you can see, we are living with fears and scared of what will happen to any one around these areas.

Kangimi dam is the largest dam in kaduna state ,that has many links to most of the River in the state ,and is the source of water for kaduna state water board.

Usman further mention that his organization has been written series of latters to water board to come and see for them serves this situation, but its seems, they don’t care about the lives of the people that are residing behind the dam,that is why don’t care to come and do something about it.

“there are too much water in the dam and there is the need for water board to reduce it now,but we are afraid of what will happen if Government fail to do something quickly on time,we are begging kaduna state government to come to our rescued.”

“If you look at the place were the thunder strike,you will see that,There is water coming out of the crack wall of the Dam and you can as well see some grasses growing-up from the crack wall, and you can see it clearly ,and once it is not tackled we are scared of what will followed,adding that the danger of what will follow is what they are trying to avert.

Usman then appealed to Human right organization, Civil right organization, and non Governmental organization with members of house of representatives and any organization that is incharge of looking at the affairs of protecting Dams in Nigeria and any part of the world ,to come to kamgimi Dam and see for them serves the situation on ground.

There complain latter to kaduna state water board was written in Hausa language.

Mai Unguwa Umaru Gobirawa is the traditional title holder of the community called Gobirawa, which is also another villages that is closer to the Dam,he make mention that ,there lives is in danger ,and that is why they are calling on kaduna state government to come and see for them serves, the real danger they are trying to avert.

“We are living in a critical situation and that is why we are calling on all Humanitarian organization which include Nema,sema,International red Cross, and other humanitarian agencies,to some and see for them serves,so as to advice the state government to take quick action before its too late.”

Umaru said,since the announcement of the Dam crack in last year October when Thunder strike at the barricade of the Dam water passage ,most family find it extremely difficult to sleep with their double eyes close ,because of fear ,and what is going to happen to them when its breaks.

“We are calling on kaduna state government to send Dam Expert to come and see for them serves,so that they can adviced state government on what to do,we are still begging Government to come and see the critical situation of the Dam.”

Responding on behalf of kaduna state government, honorable Saidu Adamu, is the Councillor on Information and Communication Strategy to the governor, he responded by saying that kaduna state government is going to look in to the situation,and that is going to do its best in looking at how to tackles the situation.

Saidu says, he is going to take the matter to the state Governor Mallam Nasir elRufai in other to find a solution to this problems.

While calling on the peoples to stay Calm and continued their normal business.