Confused Joe Biden Wanders Off Stage Mid Jill’s Address, Finds His Way Back Laughing Sheepishly Under Mask [WATCH]

Lazy eyes listen


It’s happened once again.

America’s quite unique president has once again been found wandering. He had in the past gotten lost on White house grounds and at the Davos convention and missed speeches.

This time as Jill Biden (not Dr.) pushed risky-for kids vaccine propaganda on elementary school pupils at Brookland middle school, Washington DC, Joe just wandered off the stage looking confused and then found his way back.

Of course, Joe did not waltz off before he had first done his signature move, massaging an innocent boy’s shoulders.

Joe’s signature massage

Watch first 2 minutes:

Joe Goes
Joe Goes
Going Joe gone

Joe Returns
Twinkle eyed return

Sheepish smile