CORRUPTION: Goodluck Jonathan Accused In Death Of Capt. Ubong Namso Akpan [REACTIONS]


Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan

In strong terms, Olu Balogun commenting on the revelations of the Audit against Nigeria’s indicted former Generals and heads of service, directly condemned the former leadership of culpability in the death of late Group Captain Ubong N. Akpan. His comments and image extracted from SaharaReporters follow:

“The committee disclosed that its members had yet to physically inspect the procured equipment, adding that it “thus cannot confirm their delivery or serviceability status.” In particular, the committee “particularly noted the issue of procurement of two Mi-24 helicopters through SEI Nigeria Ltd that were deployed to the North East Operations in unserviceable condition which resulted in the unfortunate death of [the] late Group Captain U.N. Akpan and Master Warrant Officer Zabesan H.” – Audit Report.

This is the Obituary announcement of Group Captain U. N. Akpan who lost his life in one of the unserviceable Mi-24 helicopters supplied by SEI Nigeria Ltd. G.C. Akpan and M.W.O. Zabesan died flying a defective helicopter which should not have been procured. Their lives were sacrificed at the altar of corruption. Nigerians deserve to know the names of those behind SEI Nigeria Ltd. They should be tried for treasonable crime(s) against the Nigerian State. – Ola Balogun

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