Cosmic rays and photos from endoscope reveal “hidden” corridor inside the Great Pyramid of Giza’

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According to new research, cosmic rays and photos from an endoscope have revealed a “hidden” corridor inside the Great Pyramid of Giza’s north face, above the pyramid’s ancient entrance.

The Great Pyramid was built on the Giza plateau on the orders of Pharaoh Khufu (ruled circa 2551 B.C. to 2528 B.C.) and stands approximately 456 feet (139 meters) tall today. It is the only surviving wonder of the ancient world and was the tallest building on Earth until 1311, when England’s Lincoln Cathedral completed its 525-foot-tall (160-meter) central tower.

According to a new study, just above the ancient entrance to the pyramid, there is likely a horizontal chamber 30 feet (9 m) long and 6.6 feet by 6.6 feet (2 by 2 m) wide and tall. According to the study, which was published Thursday (March 2) in the journal Nature Communications, it is hidden behind a chevron-shaped structure visible outside the pyramid.

Egypt’s former antiquities minister, Zahi Hawass, stated at a press conference on Thursday (March 2) that the 30-foot-long corridor was most likely built to help relieve stress from the weight of the building material on the Great Pyramid.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Ahram Online, he noted that it is hidden behind a chevron-shaped structure that distributes weight.