Covid-19: Vaccination Increases Evolution and Spread of Dangerous Resistant Virus Strains –CNN Cited Study

CNN has horrifically admitted that vaccination actually leads to the rise of new strains of the deadly Covid-19 virus. Citing new research published in Nature Scientific Reports, the CNN article mentioned the need to maintain other non pharmaceutical means of disease control in addition to vaccination.

“(CNN)Vaccination alone won’t stop the rise of new variants and in fact could push the evolution of strains that evade their protection, researchers warned Friday.”

Frighteningly the article mentioned that with increased vaccination, vaccine-resistant strains spread over the original strains,

“This means the vaccine resistant strain spreads through the population faster at a time when most people are vaccinated.”

‘”When most people are vaccinated, the vaccine-resistant strain has an advantage over the original strain,” Simon Rella of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, who worked on the study, told reporters.’

But if so-called non pharmaceutical interventions are maintained — such as mask use and social distancing — the virus is less likely to spread and change. “There is a chance to remove the vaccine resistant mutations from the population,” Rella said.”

“By having a situation where you vaccinate everybody, a vaccine-resistant mutant actually gains a selective advantage.” The researchers reported, via studies conducted on a mathematical model.

While advising non-pharmaceutical interventions and social control, the research also mentioned “that a fast rate of vaccination decreases the probability of emergence of a resistant strain.”