Crooked Godwin Emefiele Sends Zenith Bank After #GodwinMustGo Website

Godwin Emefiele


The website created by Nigerians protesting for the corrupt Central Bank Governor has come under attack of Zenith bank according to recent posts on the site.

CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele
CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele

Godwin Emefiele is Nigeria’s notorious central bank governor who assisted the former regime to loot billions of dollars and has been accused by former CBN governor and now Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of still enriching the cabal to the tune of billions by subsidizing forex rates.

Below is from EmefieleMustGo:


We have just received this email. Zenith Bank is trying to shut down this website!!


If the picture above is too small, please see the text of the email below


The enclosed domain/URL is infringing upon our clients –  Zenith Bank – Intellectual Property / Private Information.

We are making an urgent request of yourself and organisation to;



BRAND : Zenith Bank


Type : Brand Abuse
iZOOlogic provides Security Services to the client and are fully authorised to represent Zenith Bank in regards to this matter.

The enclosed domain/URL needs to be removed, based on the following one or more of the following reasons;
– the URL contains Intellectual Property or Private Information that is owned by the client where the publication of such content is detrimental to the client.
– the domain or URL displays displays the copyright property of the client, this copyright content maybe a trademarked name, or an image/text based logo, or a designed image or colour scheme representing the client’s copyright brand.
– there is a downloadable file/package that contains copyright work and content when downloaded and executed on a mobile OS.

iZOOlogic provides security services to the client and we are fully authorised to act on behalf of the copyright owner. The copyright owner have instructed us to engage with any relevant third party or law enforcement agencies to resolve this copyright infringement. We can provide this evidence of authorisation from the client if required.

The information we have provided to you today is true and accurate and we are authorised to act on behalf of the copyright holder.

Please let us know if you have any queries or require any further information to help solve this matter.

We appreciate your urgent attention in removing the above content/domain/URL as soon as possible.




iZOOlabs Security Response

Phone + 44 20 3734 2726

[email protected]


Please, can somebody tell us what concerns Zenith Bank with this website? How is the name ’emefielemustgo’ their intellectual property? Did we share any private Zenith Bank information? No! Did we post any Zenith Bank memo? No! How can the name of the Central Bank Governor be the property of Zenith Bank??

Is Godwin Emefiele now trying to use Zenith Bank to bully us? We refuse to be intimidated! This is not about us or any individual. It is about the Nigerian economy that Emefiele is destroying. People cannot even buy common drugs again because Emefiele’s policies are making it impossible for dollars to enter our economy.

We just wanted to inform you about this latest development to let you know what is going on. This is how Emefiele behaves. He uses harassment and intimidation to silence anybody who challenges him. That is why so many people who should be talking about how he is killing the Nigerian economy are keeping quiet!

We will reveal more of his crimes in the coming days and weeks. But we will not be intimidated!


The company that sent us the email above has now clarified that it is NOT Zenith Bank that asked them to email us. They say they are acting on Emefiele’s behalf.

So in the interest of full disclosure, we have changed the heading of this post. Please see the latest email they sent to us below

Hi Savenigeria,


Please let me first apologise for our previous email, we do not mean to harass you.


As you may realise Mr Godwin Emefiele previously worked at Zenith Bank – where we had a relationship with him.


Mr Godwin Emefiele feels your website – contains untrue statements so engaged us to act on his behalf to liaise with you to remove such comments.


Unfortunately one of our SOC staff members sent you a Take Down Request template and attributed this to our client Zenith Bank. I apologise for this occurring.


As this issue has nothing to do with Zenith Bank – can you please remove all reference regarding Zenith Bank. 


The issue that relates to Mr Godwin Emefiele is between – him and yourself and iZOOlogic acting as the intermediate agent.


We appreciate your co-operation in this matter and removing the content that relates to Zenith Bank – as this is unfair to the bank.


We apologise for this inconvenience but appreciate your help.




Aluta continua!

If you have any information on Godwin Emefiele you will like to share. Please send an email to us at [email protected]. Your anonymity is 100% guaranteed!