Those Who Danced While We Mourn Will Pay for their Insensitivity – Gov Nyako Replies Maku

Oppoition governor Murtala Nyako impeached

Apr. 26, 2014

Governor Murtala Nyako o Adamawa state has replied to the comments credited to the minister of information, Labaran Maku over his memo to northern governors accusing Jonathan of Genocide against the north.

Maku had in his response to the memo written by the governor described him as irresponsible for raising such allegations in his memo.

But Nyako in his reply blast Maku, saying they shall not be quiet in the face of the killings in the country.

“An information Minister calling on people to keep quite in the face of wanton lies, serial deceptions and series of unanswered questions is undoubtedly a tragedy,” he said.

nyanya danceSpeaking further, Mr. Nyako said, “We shall not keep quiet until those who danced while we were mourning answer for their insensitivity “Labaran Maku and all the pretenders in the corridors of power will one day account for their deeds good or bad and that they should be reminded of both the inevitability of an end to their positions and the vanity of power.”

On the abducted girls in Borno state, Mr. Nyako said “anyone in this Government with a sense of shame should hide his face in shame and not make useless and vain statements that mean far
worthless and valueless as made by him”.

“The lies they told on the matter and the deceptions they wove around it will one day haunt them to their graves. Hiring attack dogs to pour insults on people will not save them from the judgment of history and ultimately that of God Almighty “Let him be assured that our vigilante groups and hunters will surely rescueour daughters God willing,” he said.

The Governor also said unlike Mr. Maku, who kept mute when innocentcitizens were gruesomely murdered in Keana Nasarawa State or scoresof security personnel were gruesomely butchered by his kinsmen.

“We shall not keep quite when a convoy of marauding murderers pass through military checkpoints and operate for many hours unchallenged at night during curfew hours in states that are supposed to be under emergencyrule.“We shall not keep quite because of threats of removal, arrest or prosecution. We shall not keep quite because ofblackmail and insults from court jesters and sycophants. We shall not keep quite even in the face of open threats to our lives

“We shall only keep quite if those who danced while we mourned provide answers to the questions we asked,” Mr. Nyako said.