In Defense Of John Danfulani On His Visit To Nnamdi Kanu – @ElBinawi

In Defense of my friend & brother, @john_danfulani, on his meeting with #IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu:
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Activist John Danfulani recently visited the IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu & that is generating condemnation in Northern Nigeria.

Some people think John Danfulani has betrayed the North. This is shallow thinking. The wicked & evil Northern oligarchy betrayed the North.

I am a Shia Muslim from Northern Nigeria & my Ancestors were pillars of The Othman Caliphate but my feelings for Northern Nigeria is dead.

In the last elections my friend John Danfulani supported @APCNigeria, he campaigned 4 President @MBuhari & @GovKaduna @elrufai. His reward?

Buhari & Elrufai “rewarded” John Danfulani by sending him to jail, dismissed him from work & sponsored the brutal slaughter of his people.

By his own confession @elrufai sponsored the murderous Herdsmen that brutally slaughtered 800+ innocent Christians in #SouthernKaduna.

In the last elections I supported Buhari. Elements close to former President @GEJonathan contacted me 3 times for my support but I refused.

President Buhari & his gang “rewarded” me by brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria & murdered the 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Before Arewa people start accusing my friend John Danfulani of betrayal they should accuse their elites and leaders of betraying the North.

In Nigeria it is only bloodthirsty Arewa savages like Buhari & Elrufai that will massacre 1000s of their people just to please Arab savages.

Today more than 10 million poor Arewa children are out-of-school but Buhari, Elrufai, Emir of Kano & Sultan children are schooling in UK.

Today the wicked, selfish & evil Northern oligarchy has embraced #Wahhabism. This is a dangerous path of senseless deaths & destructions.

#Wahhabism will never bring the much needed progress & development to Northern Nigeria. Wahhabism will never bring unity of Northern Nigeria

#Wahhabism will only bring hate, #BokoHaram, #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #ShiaGenocide, #ChristianGenocide & extreme backwardness to Northern Nigeria.

Harun @Elbinawi
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