Dem Get Two Heads? Who Dem Be? All The Cabal Out Now!

Apr. 22, 2014


Dem wan hold us back forever? Who dem be? Greedy, senseless rascals that have been holding on to power since independence. All the cabal must pack them bags and get out now! We no dey take this rubbish anymore. Death no be our portion. Wetin be all this nonsense? Dem no get restraint. Where our $20 billion? Since February, we give dem time to cough out our billions, dem still get mouth to dey talk, dey sitdown for office. Bloody thieves. Dey fly in private jets while the masses dey die for bus stop!

Who give them oil bloc? On what principle dem done take ownership of all our oil blocs since independence? What formula? Why Folurunsho Alakija, IBB tailor get oil bloc? She get two heads? Why dem Omokore boys get 60 trillion naira worth of oil bloc? We no care if all oil blocs go to the Niger Delta people’s so they stop illegal refinery wey dey pollute them land. We don’t give a damn. No more Cabal ownership of nothing. This chancing must to end right now! All cabal must to leave. Leave with your loot, for now we will allow you run. The new earnings of our regions, we go take re-start. Run far! Dem hold 90% of our oil revenue, they steal it when it is sold, they steal it in kerosene subsidy scam, they steal again in contracts, then they steal in exorbitant businesses of essentials like PHCN, GSM, cement, etc to the masses. Unna craze!!! Unna dey merry as we dey fight each other over the remaining 10% nation’s income, leave unna alone abi? Well, those who wish can fight each other; there is enough millions of us who are expelling you all, actively right now. We are focused. Eyes trained on you, Cabal! Watch!

cabal1What is this? Wey we dey die north and south, dey suffer poverty, pollution, kidnapping, terror, armed robbery, baby factory, oil bunkering because unna done steal money for security! Unna done steal billions over the years dey use am pay for terror, well we 112 million certified poor Nigerians by the latest National Bureau of Statistics count, we have the numbers. The masses numbers are going to eject you with your loot. Unna get money, we get currency of masses numbers. We go see who strong pass. Enough is Enough! The one wey unna done do, done do. Gettout! We dey come claim each and every local government, each and every state government office, and FCT, individually and collectively! Who dem be? Where dem wan walk pass?

All cabal, right to left, north to south, Gettout! Our revolution of 1993 wey we take expel IBB, unna hijack am, come return cabal thief, OBJ for power, unna come put unna thieving god-son, GEJ for dia too to continue to protect unna stolen oil blocs and unna stolen industries. All Babangida boys, Mark, Gusau, Dasuki dem come return to power. Bless us with death and suffering everywhere again. We be mugu abi? It is over. We will die fighting! We will die standing than on our knees. We have sworn commitment to this battle to expel all these cabal. No more shame and disgrace to Nigeria. No more poverty for the millions. No more carrying last in the world. Unna pocket our opportunity. Unna jeopardize our security and mortgage our life and future to fill unna insatiable greed. It is over! No more respect for any cabal. Unna time of looting is over. Nigeria will try and start again. Hope and prosperity and security for the people.

Unna done sabotage our judiciary, sabotage our army, unna dey rob from our youth with immigration scam. Unna no get shame? Unna no get no-go area? Unna dey rob from almajiri, dey build school blocks for them at 20 times the price. Una no dey fear hell? Well, unna go fear us now, because we are now gonna stone you. Your time is up. I advise you all to pack unna load, run commot from Nigeria. This land is now hostile to wicked cabal, cannibal thieves. There is no room for you here anymore and unna bullet proof cars no go save unna from the peacefully revolting multitude of masses. The revolution is onnn!

Guys done sign. The youth done rise. All the oil blocs will be re-possessed by the Nigerian nation. All the fake, illegal privatizations will be overturned. All products, GSM, cement shall be sold at the right price to the poor masses. There shall be social welfare for the poor. There shall be no more impunity or immunity, terror sponsors shall now rot in jail. Boko Haram shall now be swept out by armed armies of soldiers and civilians no more romance with a supportive Abuja. Things will change now. It is a new leaf.

This is the greatest Nigerian political movement. The Nigerian Masses Revolution, NMR! Share this message to everyone in every corner of Nigeria. Print it and read it to the trekking market women, read it in the villages. Read it in Baga and Bama. In the oil polluted creeks of Bayelsa. The reign of the cabal is now officially over. We will kick them out now and October 1st this 2014, Nigeria will celebrate its second independence; its true independence…from the cabal. It is now or never!

Run! All of unna thief-thief cabal. Run! We are coming. We are proud sons and daughters of our parents and will make their names proud. We are here to rescue our land. Tomorrow has come today, and the new generation youth are the leaders of the day. Hand over in peace or fight the supernatural power of the determined, peaceful revolution of the oppressed multitudes.


#CabalMustGo! #FreeNigeria October 1st, 2014 will be #Our2ndInependnce!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian