Demonic Target Worker Professes Love for Satan

Lazy eyes listen


As uproar develops over Target’s sale of transgender clothes aimed at children, a Target employee directly told a citizen activist that she favours Satan.

In a viral social media video posted in February by Christian activist Ethan Schmidt, he asks a Target employee if she supports the satanic pride campaign.

“Yes, full.” “Satan and pride,” responds the worker.

“You support Satan?” Schmidt inquires.

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“Mhmm,” the employee says positively.

“What will God think of that?” Schimdt goes on.

“I don’t believe in God,” the worker admits, embarrassed.
The worker then denies the possibility of LGBT promotion aimed at youngsters before declaring, “Kids can wear whatever they want.”

Schmidt warns the pair, after being addressed by another employee, “God will judge you guys.”

“I mean, he can’t, he won’t if I don’t believe in him,” Schmidt adds as he turns to walk away.

The footage of the altercation comes as Target has been accused of promoting to children pride products developed by a Satanist and incorporating occult iconography.

Schmidt, the founder of the AntiMaskers Club, has spent years vigorously opposing LGBT propaganda aimed at minors.