Diezani’s Hustler, Kola Aluko, his Super Yacht, Naomi Campbell And His $Billions Wealth Status

Kola Aluko's Yacht bought for 16 Billion Naira

Nov. 13, 2013

NewsRescue– Kola Aluko, the make believe business tycoon, who is known to be a large scale hustler, private-partner oil robber-baron and money launderer for Nigeria’s oil minister, Diezani Madukwe and the current president, Goodluck Jonathan, recently spotted with the British ‘slut,’ Naomi Campbell, implicated in large scale billion dollar frauds, is a usual suspect in the latest $7billion NNPC, Swiss Oil company explosive fraud in Nigeria’s news headlines.

Kola Aluko’s wealth is modestly estimated at well over $100 millions dollars according to SuperYacht.com. He buys up properties in Las Vegas and other top spots for millions of dollars at will; his wealth stolen from Nigeria’s oil sector, runs into billions of dollars.

Kola owns the Galactica Star yacht, which he acquired in June of 2013. Galactica Star is a one-of-a-kind custom built Super Yacht. The 65m long boat is the newest and largest Heesen yacht ever built and goes for a whopping $50-100+ million! Beyonce and JayZ celebrated her 32nd birthday on one in Italy this year.

Watch Video of Galactica Star yacht Maiden Voyage

Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum
Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum

Kola Akulo is the founder of Fossil Resources, an oil trading company. He was CEO of Exoro Energy until it’s merger with Seven Energy, a leading independent oil exploration company. Aluko is now Deputy CEO and a large shareholder of Seven Energy and co-CEO of Atlantic Energy. Aluko is also a member of the advisory board of Vistajet, a private jet charter company founded by Thomas Flohr.

Kola who according to the ‘National Enquirer’ is sleeping with oil minister Diezani, was recently implicated according to Whistleblowers of being involved through a jet company he is on board in, Vista Jet, in aiding Diezani Madukwe in getting around in splendor as she used his private jets in trips tagged at over $300,000 a route to get herself and her family around on so-called official trips.

Kola is known for his frivolous lifestyle, betting on races, racing with expensive cars in Germany, parties and lavishing Nigeria’s wealth in all other ways imaginable, all over the world.

According to the whistleblower source, Diezani landed Kola Aluko a choice allocation of pricey oil blocks through Kola’s Seven Energy company.

The likes of Kola Aluko are also known to help divert $500,000 per petroleum supplying PFL to the coffers of Diezani and Jonathan for a total of 50-100 PFL’s per month. With these methods, many of Nigeria so-called business tycoons amass unimaginable wealth.

The “Biggest fraud in the history of Africa” according to the Berne Declaration was just exposed. A defrauding of Nigeria by the NNPC in conglomeration with Switzerland’s largest oil dealers, to the tune of $7 billion! Nigerian lawmakers have today initiated an investigation into this elaborate scam.

Kola who is based in Switzerland, has been fingered to be on board these intercontinental grand-criminal scams, defrauding Nigeria to the tunes of billions of dollars.

Kola who lives in Geneva is believed to be a front runner for oil minister Diezani Madukwe
Kola who lives in Geneva is believed to be a front runner for oil minister Diezani Madukwe

He ha been seen hanging with Naomi Campbell a former British model with a reputation among Nigerian corrupt millionaires, who recently in 2012 was part of the case against former Liberian president Charles Taylor in which she was alleged to have been paid blood diamonds by Charles Taylor for her services. Naomi is not new to helping African crooks spend the blood money of their poor masses. *edited

Kola, the minister of oil Diezani Alison-Madukwe and Jide Omokore are also at the center of another similar multi-million dollar theft scandal:

Mr Omokore is the promoter of Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept Limited while Mr Aluko is the power behind Septa Energy Limited. (Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept is a subsidiary of Energy Resource Group with Omokore as Chairman /Chief Executive Officer)

Both companies are the firms allegedly used by Petroluem Minister, Allison Madueke, foreign firm Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited and some officials of the Nigerian Petroleum Development Corporation to perfect an undergoing investigation ‘N59tn shady deal’ in the oil sector.

Reports revealed the ‘sum of $380bn or N59tn, and $15.72tn worth of gas assets were alleged to be at stake in the shady deal’

According to information ‘ part of the allegation in the on going investigation includes ‘secret and arbitrary farm-out” of Oil Mining Leases 4, 26, 30, 34, 38, 41 and 42 to Atlantic Energy Drilling Concept Limited and Septa Energy Limited. Kola Aluko

The Illegal deed was reportedly perfected by Minister Alison-Madueke, SPDC, NPDC officials in partnership with the beneficiary outfits’ promoters.

It is further alleged that the nation lost $750m in the fraudulent deal that breached different sections of the constitution. ($50m was paid instead of the $800m value).