DISCOVERED: Fashola Half-A-Million Dollar Borehole Pumps Finest Quality Red Wine [Satire]


After former Lagos state governor Raji Fashola while being quizzed by the Senate, refused to deny the expenditure of almost $500,000 per borehole and a total of $870,000 for two boreholes in Lagos house, Alausa, Ikeja, NewsRescue decided to investigate the boreholes to see why they were so costly. A normal borehole costs between $300 and $1000.

Our investigation was prompted recognizing that some people praised the former Lagos governor for completing projects initiated by his predecessor, and for deporting Nigerians, totaling over 5000 through his tenure to the north, to Yoruba states and to the east. Also recognizing the support he had in some quarters for demolishing poor people habitats in Lagos and only building wonderlands for the extra wealthy, we went to Alausa, Ikeja to see the boreholes built by the governor’s bosom friend, Dr. Tunji Olowolafe for $435,000 dollars a piece, for ourselves.

fashola gate

The image says it all. People were gathered from across the world including Discovery Channel TV show hosts who were gazing at no doubt, the ninth wonder of the world. The boreholes pumped purest quality red wine in unlimited quantity.

And the taste…ooooh! There is nothing sweeter than Loyalty wine!

Second Borehole May Pump Out Crude Oil!

There are rumors that the second well pumps oil. We are yet to confirm as our correspondent has not yet returned from inspecting the second half-a-million dollar borehole as at press time.

borehole fashola