Dokubo Challenged: Why Was Dokubo Monitoring Buhari’s Cars?

July 30, 2014 NewsRescue– A reader made this serious allegation against the person of Dokubo-Asari:   dokubo    Innocent Agada comments

“…Buhari was not using bullet-proof car before. I know Buhari very well. Why did he use bullet-proof car that day? He did not die. None of his aides died…”   – Asari Dokubo speaking at a press conference (page 5, SUNDAY SUN, July 27, 2014)


1. How come Asari Dokubo knows Buhari very well, as claimed by him,
considering they are not residential neighbours in any town?

2. How and why did he know Buhari doesn’t use bullet-proof cars except
on that particular date?

3. Does it mean he knows all the cars General Buhari has?

4. If so, why and how did he know all the cars General Buhari uses?

5. Does it mean he has been monitoring the movements and personal
activities of the General?

6. Why was he interested in the personal details and movements of
General Buhari?

7. At what point in time did he generate interest in knowing all the
cars and movements of the General?

8. Why was he fuming and angry that General Buhari and his aides did
not die so much that he had to call a press conference to express his
anger and frustration?

9. And, why is Asari Dokubo angry that General Buhari uses
bullet-proof cars? Has it become unlawful to use bullet-proof cars in
an insecure country by those who can afford it?

10. Finally, hasn’t this same Asari Dokubo threatened General Buhari
along with other northern or Hausa/Fulani politicians and leaders in
his previous media interviews?

For those who don’t know, Asari Dokubo is a high profile terrorist
with direct access to Nigeria’s Presidential Villa, and when the
government of Benin Republic arrested him in December 2013 over Boko
Haram related activities it was the Jonathan government that pressured
them to release him. Again, it becomes imperative and compelling for the international
community to help Nigeria unearth every fact and truth relating to the
security crisis in the country, which also makes it compelling that
the Obasanjo and Nyako letters should be revisited.   buhari excapes