“Earth Could Maintain a Population Many Times the Current Level,” Elon Musk Counters Bill Gates [Video]

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors Inc., speaks during a delivery ceremony for Tesla Model S sedan in Beijing, China, 22 April 2014. Tesla Motors Inc. began deliveries of the Model S sedan in China as Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk tested the reluctance of consumers in the worlds largest auto market to buy electric cars. The billionaire chairman hosted an event on Tuesday (22 April 2014) to mark the occasion, according to the Palo Alto, California-based company. The electric-car maker has been taking orders since August and opened an 800-square-meter (8,600 square feet) store in a Beijing shopping mall late last year to showcase its vehicles.
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The favorite billionaire of the people, Elon Musk has again countered the mainstream and its master Bill Gates’ agenda of global depopulation.

In a recent interview clip, Elon said,

“Most people in the world are operating under the false impression that we’ve got too many people. This is not true. Earth could maintain a population many times the current level. The birth rate has been dropping like crazy.”

Fellow billionaire Bill Gates is perhaps most notoriously disliked for his world depopulation agenda as depicted in this video:

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Elon Musk is being blocked by the mainstream in his attempt to buy Twitter and allegedly liberate it.