Earthquake-like “Gas Explosion” Rips Johannesburg, South Africa [VIDEO]

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An explosion that occurred on Wednesday in Johannesburg’s business district has led to growing concerns of a possible second explosion. The blast, which is suspected to have been caused by an underground gas pipe, resulted in one death and injured 48 others. As of now, 12 people are still receiving treatment for their injuries.

The explosion was powerful enough to split a main road wide open, with several vehicles being blown onto their side. Local residents reported feeling the ground shake and hearing a loud bang just moments before a section of Bree Street collapsed. These reports have raised concerns given that the area experienced a 5-magnitude earthquake just a month ago.

While the cause of the explosion remains unclear, authorities have been treating the site on Bree Street as a potential risk area. Emergency services remain active in the area, carrying out necessary evacuations and sealing off the electricity supply. This area, normally one of the busiest parts of South Africa’s commercial hub, has had several streets closed to traffic as a precautionary measure.

The Gauteng province, which includes Johannesburg, has authorities suspecting that the explosion may have been triggered by a rupture in some underground gas pipes. This theory is being investigated by conducting a thorough inquiry into the cause of the blast.

Local supplier, Egoli Gas, disclosed on Thursday that they had discovered a small leak in one of their pipes. However, they believe that it is unlikely this led to the explosion. Nonetheless, the firm has been asked by authorities to inspect their other pipes in the area, as a possible gas leak remains the focus of the investigations.

In the wake of the explosion, officials have issued a plea to the public, urging them to avoid the area. They have emphasized the importance of public safety, and are working diligently to ascertain the cause of the blast to prevent a possible second explosion.