Egypt Turmoil: Morsi To Die of “Natural” Causes Like Nigeria’s Abiola — Analysts

Aug. 3, 2013

NewsRescue– 13 million Egyptians gave Mohammed Morsi a victory of 52% over runner-up Ahmed Shafik in the June elections last year. This was a victory for the Muslim brotherhood candidate who would soon become the first democratically elected president of Egypt.

In what is suspected to be a foreign orchestrated coup by the usual suspects in the western world and their Arab government proxies, a miracle wielding organization, ‘Rebel,’ suddenly gathered over 15 million signatures (never verified) to coincide with economic hardship by lack of cooperation and support from western and Arab donors, which ultimately led to the military coup-overthrow of the Morsi government.

If the protests do not subside, Morsi will die

Mohammed Morsi, elected president in detention
Mohammed Morsi, elected president in detention

Today there is chaos in Egypt. 13 million Egyptians who voted for Morsi and won, are not ready to throw away their victory. Only the African Union (AU) has properly classified the occurrence in Egypt as a coup. The white-house backed Egyptian military is increasingly harshly clamping down on protesters and has even authorized civilians to make arrests in the country. In the midst of this, NewsRescue top analysts have predicted a sudden death for Morsi.

If the resistance to the coup continues, the regime will be compelled to make Morsi–currently jailed and being defamed–die of natural causes as happened in Nigeria in 1998, when riots in support of the then election winner, M.K.O. Abiola refused to subside. According to the popular narration of events, US’ Susan Rice (current National Security Adviser) paid a visit to Nigeria and incarcerated election winner, Abiola and gave him a special tea which put him to sleep. Susan Rice according to this report, failed to answer Nigerians on her alleged role in the murder of popular president-elect, Abiola. See: NewsRescue-US: Susan Rice Refuses To Answer Nigerians on Reparations Crusader MKO Abiola’s “Tea of Death”

The same type of events is predicted as the only solution the ruling junta have as a final means of abating the protests. The Muslim brotherhood has till now refused to be part of the government. Without their participation, no democratic government can succeed in Egypt. A dead Morsi (from heart attack, etc) will leave his supporters and the Muslim brotherhood no choice but to participate in new elections by which time pro-western candidates will assuredly be well propped and financed to buy a victory this time around.