@Elbinawi Tweets On the Medical Tourism of Nigerian ‘Tyrant Buhari’


Wife @aishambuhari of the evil, wicked & bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari returned from UK. She visited the dying tyrant on medical tourism in UK

The Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari left the country on May 7th for a second round of his medical tourism to UK at the expense of tax payers.

Today this evil, wicked and bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari who love killing innocent Nigerians & dumped bodies in mass graves is a liability.

Evil @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria in Dec 2015 & 4 days later celebrated the inhuman massacre with the savage Saudi king on phone.

The same wicked @MBuhari brutally murdered 200+ peaceful pro-Biafra activists & wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.

President @MBuhari & his Midget puppet @GovKaduna @elrufai sponsored murderous “Herdsmen” to kill innocent Nigerians in #SouthernKaduna.

The fact that the @MBuhari cabal can not show Nigerians the picture of @aishambuhari’s visit 2 her husband shows that his condition is worst

The desperate @MBuhari cabal are dragging the issue of President @MBuhari’s sickness not out of love 4 Nigeria but 4 their selfish interest.

Today VP @ProfOsinbajo is not the Acting President of Nigeria. He is just a powerless #Coordinator. The @MBuhari cabal are in control….

In 2010 @MBuhari asked the then sick President Yar’adua to resign or be impeach by the @nassnigeria. The same Buhari today refuse to resign

God dealt w/ the bloodthirsty mass murderer President @MBuhari. God saved innocent Nigerians that would have been killed by this wicked man.

Eternal curse and damnation of God upon President @MBuhari & his murderous gang of mass murderers of innocent #Nigerians. God destroy them!