Re: Igbo Ultimatum; It is Not in Our Character to Send our Guests Packing – Khalifa Dikwa

Khalifa Dikwa, center


Two wrongs can never lead to a lasting solution. It is incorrect to load the blame on the over 99% innocent majority for the misstep of the tiny 1% mercenaries and miscreants. The sponsors of such evil acts are ingrates who hardly visit their home towns and villages.

Peaceful citizens who, for decades, have been positively contributing to our socioeconomic lives should continue to live wherever they are even if the same treatment does not apply their regions of origin.

The most pertinent channel is to single out the corrupt leaders- public, traditional and political leaders- for a peaceful solution. For instance, it is more tactful for the progressive elite to take to the media by digging out sources of questionable assets. This method, if devoid of court gymnastics, will expose most of the culprits behind the diversion of funds meant for the education and employment of youths as well as development of states. They are from both sides of the isle.

Members of the tiny selfish and greedy establishment has for long placed itself above the Law. It should be identified and dealt with in special and/or open courts as our common enemies. Mega corruption and insecurity must be seen to be collectively fought by the 3 arms of govt, the media and ordinary citizens, devoid of politics regardless of any coloration, even if we are to temporarily agree to adopt Duterte’s style to rid our society of the few criminals who tarnish our common identity within and outside the country.

I feel ashamed when Asian security agents identify us by our states, tribes and regions in terms of sans papiers ( lack of travel documents), financial crime, drug pushing, prostitution, yahoo-yahoo, armed robbery and even little thievery, to tarnish the image of professionals who excel in different cum exceptional domains.

Finally, sending our guests packing is not in the character of the North. However, a final agreement to stay or go our separate ways can be signed peacefully. Thus, a non-violent divorce is possible if we cannot live together.