@Elbinawi Tweets on the Return of President @MBuhari

Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari with Saudi King Salman as Saud

The Prophet (sa) said:

“The first thing that will be judged between people on the Day of Resurrection is the bloodshed [between them].”

Why are the bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages in Northern Nigeria angry with the peaceful Shia community just because d tyrant @MBuhari is sick?

The peaceful Shia community have never killed or harm a single Wahhabi in Nigeria. It was tyrant @MBuhari that murdered 1000+ Shias in Zaria

After the evil tyrant @MBuhari murdered 1000+ Shias in Zaria he wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night. @IntlCrimCourt

After the inhuman #ZariaMassacre by the evil tyrant @MBuhari, the murderous cabal launched massive campaigns of calumny against Shia Islam.

Today tyrant @MBuhari is sick and the bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages are angry with Shias, why?
These savages should be angry with God!

It is not the peaceful Nigerian Shia community that made tyrant @MBuhari very sick. Since Wahhabi savages love killings, let them fight God!