Elon Musk proclaims he may decide to step down as Twitter CEO within hours

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Elon Musk declared that he would resign from his position as CEO of Twitter if the site’s users demanded it.

At 6:20 p.m. on Sunday, Musk posted a new poll on Twitter asking his more than 122 million followers if he should give up his position as CEO.

Tweeted Musk “Should I resign as Twitter’s CEO? I’ll follow the findings of this survey.”

Nearly 5 million Twitter users had cast votes in Musk’s poll at the time of publication. Approximately 58% demanded Musk’s resignation, while only 42% wanted him to continue leading Twitter.

On Monday, the poll will end around 4:20 a.m.

According to a Twitter account, Musk “already has the new CEO selected out.” “Elon will retire to being Chairman of the Board and Tweeter,” the user opined.

Tesla responded, “Nobody wants the position of true Twitter lifeguard. There is no heir apparent.”

The issue is not hiring a CEO, it’s finding a CEO who can keep Twitter alive, said Musk in response to another Twitter user.

Lex Fridman, a well-known podcast broadcaster, computer scientist, and expert in artificial intelligence, offered to run Twitter for nothing.

Tweeted Fridman: “Fun suggestion for @elonmusk: Give me a little control of Twitter. no wage. All in. Put your attention on developing fantastic engineering and spreading more love. Just providing my assistance in the unlikely event it proves helpful.”

Tesla responded, “You must enjoy suffering a lot. One drawback: You must invest your whole life savings in Twitter, which has been headed for bankruptcy since May. Do you still want the position?”

Fridman was still interested in the position and swore to “turn it around” despite the restrictions.

Since Musk bought the social media network, there have been numerous disputes and shocking incidents.

The “Twitter Files,” released with support from Musk For allegedly doxxing his precise position in real time, Twitter briefly suspended numerous journalists, including Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz was temporarily banned.

Musk and Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of former President Donald Trump, watched the France vs. Argentina World Cup final together on Sunday.