Elon Musk Receiving 1000s of Death Threats on Twitter on Twitter

Sept, 2019: Famous entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk. Vector portrait illustration.
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The world’s richest billionaire, Elon Musk who just acquired Twitter social media is now receiving thousands of death threats on the media.

Elon is championing a campaign to return the ‘free’ to speech, but it seems his campaign is not going down well with many extremists in the marketplace and even beyond, with even other billionaires attacking him and linking him with China in an attempt to smear the Tesla inventor.

But the attacks have reached an insane level with tweeters brazenly posting direct threats to kill Elon on his media platform. Here is a collection:

See a collection:

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Real Enemies

People may be uneasy for more reasons than obvious. Elon’s hands may be on more than just a social media interaction platform, as Human Events host Jack Posobiec commented, Musk’s purchase didn’t just buy Twitter, it bought evidence on the establishment’s corrupt dealings.

Musk has also been criticized by WaPo for responding to a tweet from Mike Cernovich pointing out another of Twitter’s top lawyers, Jim Baker, had a hand in fabricating fake Trump ties to Russia.

Elon had remarked, “Seems pretty bad…”

With his Twitter buy, Elon has definitely ruffled many feathers and has positioned himself to ruffle many more. The establishment and many mainstream media channels openly opposed his acquisition before it happened, writing open articles on how Twitter should dodge the sale.

The murderous rants from what appears to be a mad hoard of extremists is telling.

God save Elon. God save America!