Emergency Measures Needed to Be Taken Against the Scourge of the PKK

By Harun Yahya

We have regularly described how during the process described as negotiations with the PKK, the organization has never abandoned its weapons at all, would grow stronger and re-arm and soon recommence its attacks, would cache arms in our cities, acquire more militants and establish dominance in the cities through a process of construction. The fact that some of our warnings were not heeded has resulted in the current grim picture facing the country. However, it is never too late, of course, and the Turkish state has the deterrent power to silence the PKK terror organization. However, in order to make up for lost time in these days when the PKK has again stepped up its attacks it is essential that the following measures be implemented as a matter of urgency.

  • Emergency mobilization must be declared. Increasing the number of available troops and basing these in cities in the Southeast will quickly seriously demoralize the PKK.
  • A large number of troops need to be posted to the Southeast. Bloodshed is something we can never desire or support, but deterrence is mandatory in the Qur’an. The presence of a deterrent military force in the region will therefore lower the enemy’s morale and determination and instill fear in him instead. As our Lord reveals in one verse:

Arm yourselves against them with all the firepower and cavalry you can muster, to terrify the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know. Allah knows them.… (Surat al-Anfal, 60)

  • Tarmac in high-risk areas of the Southeast must be taken up at once and a wide-ranging search for explosive devices must be initiated.
  • The number of troops in high-risk areas such as Cizre must be raised to the tens of thousands.
  • Since there is an emergency situation in the country, new laws must be passed against the PKK.
  • Under laws revised under the peace process, members of the KCK (illegal state system of PKK) who were detained have been released again, and this has increased the threat facing the country. We need a rapid change in the law and the detention of members of the KCK-PKK and anyone supporting the PKK, spreading its propaganda or even waving its shabby banner for at least as long as the current state of terror persists. Arrests should at the same time be considered as an educational program and such an implementation would be beneficial in preventing the sympathizers of this terrorist organization to be involved in any act of violence. Troops and police are currently solely in a state of defense against the PKK. The military and the police must be free to take appropriate methods against members of the PKK when suspicion is aroused. If the PKK has granted itself that right, then the military need to have it as well. A change in the law must be brought in.
    • The law must be amended to give the public the right to self-defense. When local people are at threat from the PKK and the military or police are not available, people must be able to defend themselves and not be held responsible for the consequences. Giving people such a right will also act as a major deterrent against the PKK.
    • We all know how hanging up PKK symbols and posters of Öcalan has become tolerated during the peace process. A rapid change in the law is needed, and carrying or using the PKK rag needs to be made an offense once again.
  • The PKK’s weapons depots need to be seized one by one, and the weapons found given over to the Turkish military.
  • A news and information network to keep the whole world accurately informed about the situation in Turkey and to prevent disinformation across the world needs to be set up. Media organizations such as Directorate General of Press and Information, affiliated to the Prime Ministry, and also the Anadolu News Agency, must be put into operation on this matter without delay and must work to ensure that all information concerning incidents is broadcast immediately to the world press. Disinformation must be prevented through briefing meetings.
  • Turkey must sign an agreement concerning the PKK with Iran and the Iraq Kurdistan Regional Administration. The PKK has always feared an alliance between Iran and Turkey. A non-aggression and solidarity pact with Iran in particular would allow one country to intervene when the other is attacked, and such an alliance would deal a heavy blow to the PKK.
  • The USA is clearly backing the PYD, an extension of the PKK, in the region and thus allowing the PKK to establish control right on our border. The U.S. deep state apparatus is acting quite shamelessly in this regard and expects Turkey to allow the PKK to establish a state for the communist Kurdistan that it desires. Another stage will be the demanding of territory from Turkey. Turkey must show that when it comes to its own territorial integrity it will not bow its head to the U.S. deep state apparatus and must employ determined language to make it clear that our being a member of NATO does not mean giving up any of our land. It has to be shown that the stratagems being employed in Syria and Iraq will not be successful in Turkey.
  • It is very important not to give the impression of any incompetence against the PKK in various parts of the Southeast. Other administrators capable of achieving success must be brought in to replace all failed officials in these areas. No time must be lost over this.
  • The area containing the caves on Mount Qandil must be flattened. Warnings concerning this must begin appearing at least one month beforehand, people must be informed that wide-ranging explosions are going to be taking place in the region and the area must be evacuated. Once this has been done, all the caves where terrorists hide out and weapons are stored must be destroyed and the whole area must be literally flattened. This is a system that has been successfully implemented in several mountains for various reasons.
  • Turkey’s most important problem is the failure to produce an ideologically powerful younger generation with strong national values. Even in these times when our troops and police are being martyred some young people are still solely concerned with getting married or graduating etc. Their plans all revolve around their own futures and they live literally in ignorance of the cost of the scourge of terror. The terrorists of the PKK never seek to marry or graduate, but choose to fight for the sake of their perverse ideology under harsh conditions in caves up in the mountains. That means that the dirty advantage lies with the PKK. Our young people need to be given classes in national consciousness AS A MATTER OF THE UTMOST URGENCY in order to overcome this. This can easily be achieved with classes provided in schools and lasting as little as 5-6 months.

The Real Problem: The Education System

While the Tsarist system was powerful and predominant in Russia, the Marxist mindset espoused by Lenin and a few comrades was not regarded as a serious threat. However, that mindset subsequently grew powerful enough to suddenly bring down the entire tsarist system, to impose communism across Russia and to cost the lives of millions of people. The main reason for that was that Lenin and his supporters had an ideology, albeit a perverse one, while although tsarist Russia was supported by millions of people it had no ideology.

Let us remind ourselves that the communist-anarchist PKK embarked on its activities by bringing out a small magazine. This cowardly organization, which emerged with a Stalinist ideology, has now acquired the capability to sit down and negotiate with the Turkish state and enjoys the backing of the U.S. The sole reason for that is that it also has an ideology, albeit a perverse one, and that it fights on behalf of that ideology.

It is a good thing that the Turkish people take part in protests against terror, in large numbers, with Turkish flags in their hands. However, so long as there is no accompanying philosophical and ideological campaign in Turkey, organizations such as the PKK will remain unaffected by such mass protests. Marxism has always defied the masses and the majority. Being opposed by a numerous community is therefore nowhere near enough to deter Marxist terrorists.

They can only be deterred, or rather the false belief in their minds can only be eliminated, through ideological activity. The ideological roots of Marxism lie in Darwinism, itself a total deception. And it is easy to disprove Darwinism by the use of scientific evidence. Sadly, however, Darwinism is taught as if it were the unvarnished truth in Turkish schools, and children in those schools receive the same education as that given by the PKK up in the mountains. The PKK therefore harbors not the slightest doubt concerning the perverse philosophy it espouses, and it sees that its own perverse philosophy is taught as if it were established scientific fact in almost all classes. This terrifying state of affairs actually results in more adherents of the PKK’s ideology, rather than producing a young generation capable of refuting it. As a result of the education provided, the great majority of universities in Turkey are dominated by the Left.

People need to be aware that Turkey is being stalked by a terrible scourge. The main reason for that is the way that people in schools are told that ‘our most distant ancestors were microbes’ and ‘that life forms came into being by chance’. In other words, they are explicitly told that ‘Allah does not exist’ (surely Allah is beyond that) and He is openly defied. So long as this continues Allah may not be willing to lift this scourge from our nation. Evolution can continue to be taught in schools under the heading of general culture, but it must also be refuted with full scientific evidence. Unless they are given some guidance, students may not realize from looking at fossils and other scientific evidence alone that evolution is nonsense.

People who subconsciously surrender to evolution because they lack the ability to provide a scientific rebuttal of it and who therefore sit on the sidelines and say, ‘Evolution has in any case had its day’ are unable to engage in such a scientific campaign. People properly equipped to wage such a scientific struggle therefore need to step up to the plate. We are always ready to offer our support in this.

Together with changes in the school curriculum, we also wish to see the state broadcaster (TRT) and all official media organizations become involved and mobilize all the means at their disposal for such a campaign. Our young people can only oppose the ideology of the PKK when they are capable of scientifically rebutting Marxism and when they are raised with powerful national and spiritual values. The PKK will only disappear when its ideology is eliminated.

Let us not forget that the life of a terrorist is a hard one. He has not been deceived with promises of future opportunities and wealth. The only thing that has made him a terrorist is the perverse ideology presented to him and in which he believes. The PKK persists with this education at every available opportunity, in its training camps and through propaganda. The Turkish state must move fast and develop a system to eradicate that ideology through another ideology. Otherwise there can be no permanent elimination of the PKK.


The writer has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and www.harunyahya.com