ENDS Strongly Condemns Army Killing Of Muslims In Zaria


In strong terms we condemn the described excesses once again of the Nigerian Military, killing dozens of Muslims in Zaria. While we expect a full probe into the events of the past days, we urge the Military to remove its foot from the neck of the Kaduna movement.


We will like to categorically state at this time that it is NOT the duty of the Nigerian army to determine what constitutes a “highway nuisance.” The role of the Nigerian army is to defend the nation from armed external threats, deliver humanitarian response and maintain internal law and order only as an assistance to the police and not ahead of the police.

zak2If indeed some citizens or the Government of Kaduna feel the Islamic movement is a public nuisance, the Nigerian police should be sued to check this and ensure the movement abides by the rules of the law and respects public safety. It is the police that can and should issue summons and prohibitions of processions if deemed too large and a public hindrance or risk. The army has absolutely no role in deciding what constitutes a nuisance and justifying the possible excessive use of force on such premise.

The army has a yet unfinished duty it has largely failed in executing in the northeast where members from the top to the bottom of the force who are still in leadership and engagement roles and as high as the Office of National Security, were part and parcel of the system that failed to promptly address the Boko Haram uprising and ensure the nation’s security. The Defence Intelligence Agency record from July 2009 to September 2011 is of particular highlight.

NSA Monguno

While ENDS disagrees that provocation of this order may propel the affected Muslims to terror. We foresee no such evil and stooping so low from the Zakkazy-led movement. This particular group of Muslims being globally known for their intelligence, high level of tolerance and empathy–victims of the murder of three of the leader’s sons by similar trigger eager soldiers last year–we totally condemn brutality and aggression against citizenry  done ‘just because you can,’ and ‘just because you are in power today.’

Zakzaky, far left
Zakzaky, far left

We call on the Kaduna state government to publicly address the spilling of the blood its citizens and take proactive steps to mediate a just end to the crisis. If atrocities were committed, as determined by an independent probe, the Nigerian government must pay blood money to the victims.

Zaria is not Sambisa.

The military are advised to set their compass right.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian ; Also on http://Naija.Live Radio Show