EU facing ‘huge shortage’ of ammunition – media

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According to Foreign Policy magazine, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant organisation Hamas will take Western attention and resources away from Ukraine, increasing uncertainty for Kiev.

Even before the unexpected escalation of bloodshed in the Middle East on Saturday, Ukraine was having difficulties acquiring fresh weaponry and finance for its counteroffensive against Russia. According to Foreign Policy, European nations, in particular, have found their armies and political will stretched thin.

“We are facing a massive ammo shortage as a result of Ukraine,” a German official told the media on the condition of anonymity.

Kiev has enjoyed unprecedented Western assistance against Russia, but its failure to achieve significant gains during the summer counteroffensive and political turmoil in the US appear to have placed it on the backfoot. Last month, the US Congress declined to include aid for Ukraine in a 45-day stopgap spending bill under pressure from Republican lawmakers.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has attempted to connect Israel’s position to his own country’s demands. This week, he said that Ukraine has “clear” data that Russia “wants to start a war in the Middle East” in order to “undermine world unity” and “destroy freedom in Europe.” He provided no evidence to support the charges.

Foreign Policy recognised in its story titled ‘What will Russia do with Gaza chaos?’ that there was no evidence of Russian involvement in or prior knowledge of the deadly Hamas invasion into Israel.

Russia and Israel have a long history of peaceful coexistence, with both parties acknowledging each other’s security concerns and the intricacies of their separate viewpoints.

Zelensky’s attempt to dominate the narrative around the Israel situation has been criticised by Moscow. According to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, the intelligence he was referring to gave the Ukrainian leader “the best kick he had in a long time.” During his video message, Zelensky switched from his usual military-style green turtleneck to a black one, according to Zakharova.

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