Evolution theory could not be proven – Once again

by Harun Yahya

For 25 years, evolutionary biologist Professor Richard E. Lenski has been conducting a set of mutation experiments on 12 different E.coli bacteria population encompassing 60,000 generations.

The aim was to be able to conduct an observable evolution experiment called LTTE (Long-term evolution experiment).

With the efforts of the evolutionary scientists who had been looking for the traces of the theory of evolution in fossils having proven in vain, they focused on trying to prove evolution by conducting more frequent experiments on generations of bacteria in much shorter periods, which is the actual purpose of this experiment.

This meant that if a visible change could be observed in living generations, it would offer the long-awaited and desired proof for evolution. But as always, things did not go as evolutionists wished.

Over the course of 25 years, the experiments featured countless mutation attempts made on bacteria. In these experiments, said bacteria are left in an environment containing citrate (C6H5O7-3) and glucose.

Some of the bacteria go through various genetic mutations regarding the absorption and utilization of citrate molecule by the cell, and begin to digest the citrate in the environment as a source of carbon. This, in turn, leads to an enhanced growth rate in these bacteria due to increased nourishment. In the following generations, however, this growth rate starts slowing down, resulting in the extinction of most of the generations among said species or the development of species-specific diseases.

In conclusion, mutated generations either become sick or suffer from growth retardation, and just as it is with all life forms, the original genes of E.colibacteria, too, remain healthy and intact.

Contrary to what is claimed, this mutation is obviously neither beneficial nor evolution-triggering. Because since day one, E.coli bacteria have possessed the genes that brake down citrate. In the experiment, the mutated generations are observed to have an increased citrate absorption into the cell. An examination of its cause reveals an abnormality in the genes of citrate transporter protein. In other words, this is not a progression, but retrogression.

The function of citrate transporter is to enter the cell in anaerobic (oxygen-free) conditions to ensure citrate uptake into the cell. In this example, however, this system in the bacteria goes haywire, resulting in a constant citrate uptake into the cell and triggering an uncontrolled citrate metabolism.

Evolutionists are trying to present this as a beneficial mutation. They attempt to say “Look! There was this pressure, but after we reduced glucose, the bacteria gained the brand new ability of utilizing citrate,”; whereas the bacteria have already been in possession of the genes to utilize citrate and what happens here is the deterioration of the control mechanism of these genes. In other words, the available system in the cell is being impaired.

The situation can be likened to this; as is known, special sensors are placed on the streets, which are adjusted to the dark of the night. These sensors activate and turn the street lamps on when it gets dark. If there is any failure in the sensor system and the sensors detect that it is night-time for 24 hours, the street lamps will be turned on for 24 hours and they will be worn-down while wasting energy. This is a loss rather than an advantage. It means that a previously functioning system breaks down.

In the said example, which evolutionists try to arbitrarily present as evidence, there is no new information; on the contrary, there is a loss of information. Although the situation is quite obvious, the evolutionists still attempt to deceive people by resorting to tautology. It is actually a matter of a genetic disease caused as always by a mutation, not by evolution. When the cell was created out of nothing, it lost the perfectly balanced system it possessed and become deteriorated. Thus, the methods of demagogy evolutionists usually resort to have once again been disproven.

And this also should be noted: Despite the controlled mutations on 60,000 generations, the E.coli bacteria is still bacteria. It did not evolve into any other living thing.  This 25 years long experiment, once again could NOT PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE  for evolution theory.

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